My first ever SUP race

Isn’t is funny how putting yourself out there or making a decision to ‘just do’ something out of the ordinary can bring up all types of fears.

So I was lucky enough to be gifted a standup paddleboard for Christmas, so I could paddle in the canal out the front and put my two loves of fitness and the ocean together. Well, in my usual fashion, here we are a month later and I have completed my first event!

The day bought perfect conditions for the 14km ocean paddle, thank goodness, phew….sunny skies, and a light Stailwindind. Things did get a little hectic when it was time to master the shorebreak at Kirra, with some large swell around but the majority did it with ease and made it to the line.

I  had no idea what to expect so it was good in one way, my main concern was just to make the distance, being the furthest I have SUP’ed. There was a field of about 80 with 8 of them female, sure we were outnumbered but definitely not out done;)

Anyways, I somehow made the distance to Burleigh and arrived back to the beach in one piece. Others did not escape so easily with plenty of cuts, bruises, broken leashes and a 4m tiger shark sighting.  It wasn’t without it’s dramas but hey, that is what makes it exciting.

The best part was hitting the beach and my eldest waiting for me yelling, ‘Mummy’, ‘Mummy’. It took away any pain that I was feeling;)

Everyone who competed did an awesome job considering the size of the surf and not only was the event was really well organised…it was fun!!!…making it very easy for me to want to do another one in the future.

Sure, I can hardly move today..OH SO SORE!, but it is a nice reminder that pushing your boundaries, just moving the goal post one foot further away can open us up to so many wonderful, surprising results.

So, tell me, what did you get up to on the weekend?  I hear it the weather played nice in most parts..

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