gluten intolerance

Common Food Intolerances and Substitutes 101

Food intolerances are experienced differently from person to person. Many live with digestive problems without giving it much thought while others feel annoying bloating, cramping, rashes and migraines. Food intolerance refers to food hypersensitivity and refers to components found...

inner dialogue

Changing the Inner Dialogue

Changing food habits can be extremely difficult. There is no nice way to gloss over this simple fact but to put it simply food is more than just fuel: it holds a potent emotional chain around our ankles and...

kids snacking

Do Children Really Need to Snack?

Without question, snacks are a necessary part of a child’s diet. A rapidly growing body requires extra energy that mealtimes alone cannot offer, which is where in-between-meal snacks fill the gap.  However, what we need to be aware of...

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