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Welcome! I’m Karla Gilbert, OAM, Accredited Nutrition and Health Coach, Certified Level III and IV Fitness Trainer, and hold certificates in Child Nutrition, Nutrition and a Diploma in Business Marketing. These qualifications, mixed with years of testing the limits of the body physically and mentally have brought me to the present moment seamlessly.

With a past life that saw me competing as a professional athlete for 10 years, winning numerous world titles in the sport of Ironwoman racing, I have now progressed onto my next life journey, being a mum to 2 precious girls – while empowering and helping others to live their life full of energy and good health.

This shift in family life has made me even more passionate about nutrition, health and sustainable habits. I’m well aware of the challenges we’re faced when time poor and trying to fit in time for ourselves. Our health and fitness always seem to be the first to go by the wayside, so I wanted to share my learned research and ideas.

I have always loved sharing my ideas and discussing topics while inspiring a ‘better you’….to prioritize health and fitness within our lifestyles. After continually researching theories and ideas about healthy habits, and studying and becoming a certified health coach, I turned my attention to helping others privately and have done so since 2013. Living Healthy is a choice and one that you too can mindfully craft into your life each and every day.

Here on Ironmum Karla, I blog about:

+ Healthy eating with recipes ideas
+ Sustainable healthy habits
+ Lifestyle, food, and wellness tips
+ Fitness and fitness products
+ Inspiration through personal experiences
+ Motherhood and the art of balancing enough time for exercise
+ Healthy children

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Karla x

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