Trevor Hendy’s Top Five Ingredients to Creating Change

If there was one being that positively influenced my sporting career then this person would be it. Trevor Hendy and I were both members of the Surfers Paradise SLSC and went through an amazing period of our lives together. Some might say it was the golden decade of Ironman racing and I look back and feel so fortunate to be there ‘at the right time’ to experience some crazy times!

Perhaps Trevor can say the same but from what he did in the water really inspired me to greatness. If it was by simply sitting down before an event and sussing out the surf conditions together regardless if he was about to compete or always being the first person to congratulate me and share the successes, it was a testament to the kind-hearted person he is.

trevor hendy

It wasn’t just on the water though, with Trevor helping me to overcome nerves and bring perspective into my life that comes with being a professional athlete. To put yourself on the line (literally) constantly in demanding situations makes you sit up and learn a lot about yourself and this is what I feel we still have in common – the ability and passion to bring forward wellness (and life coaching in Trevor’s instance) in simple terms from past experiences.

So, anyways I bet you are super keen to get stuck into what Trev has to say so here is a post he beautifully and kindly wrote for you…

Trevor’s tips to creating change

Like everyone, life goes on for me, day after day. Every day I wake up, whilst many things remain the same, I am met with a slightly different set of circumstances and challenges. There are patterns and similarities from day to day and there are certainly some things on repeat but there is undoubtedly a slight difference, something new and unique about the new day and its almost always challenging in some way. 

You see the more you slow down and the deeper you look you realize that everything that is happening is happening for a reason. Even the bad stuff leads to big life lessons and defines who you are and what you think the next day when you wake up. Once again, you wake up and once again it is challenging. Winston Churchill was quoted as saying “life is just one damn thing after another”, haha, doesn’t that sometimes feel like the truth.

So, when that is the reality for a lot of us, why would we even try to make a change, particularly if it is just followed up one challenge after another? Secondly, if we want to, where do we start, what will ultimately make the difference? In fact, is there some sort of inspiration that will even get us back to the start line of wanting to change and then potentially, actually following through?

Well, I am lucky because that is the area that I work, it is the area that I love and am passionate about. Because I work on that every day and help other people with that I get the honour of seeing clearly what does and doesn’t work. You could say I get to view it all from the inside and the outside. Let me tell you, you can change and live your best life, whatever that looks like.

So, over the next few paragraphs, I will attempt to give you a little heads up to what I have been discovering and what I know works. For the following to work for you, you have to at least allow the possibility (despite previous experience) that life itself (not the crazy busy-ness that we are experiencing), the life and spirit behind all things, is actually friendly and will help you out once you clear the path away. It is good to start by getting that clear in your mind first.

Also, for any of this to make sense, you have to want to live your best life. You have to have reached that point where you want to actually make some changes and make a difference to yourself and even to others around you. There has to be a click of that determination switch in your head, enough is enough. This may have come from too much weight piled on, too much puffing up the stairs, drama in your relationship, suffering at the hands of a cruel boss or workload or anything else that has snapped you out of just taking a beating.

You may have got all the above sorted but just feel as though you are not yet fulfilled, something is missing.

Whichever way this happens doesn’t matter, just know that if you don’t yet want to change, truly, you won’t really activate good change to happen in your life. If you are ready and want to change, jump into these viewpoints, they may just boost you along the way.

OK, so you’ve read this far, we know you want to change you may think we are going to jump into what you need to do next. Well, we are not, next is WHY. It is all about knowing why you are doing something. Asking WHY you are doing something or want to do something is like asking what your PURPOSE is for doing it. Remember, you are going to be met with challenges, obstacles and the everyday status quo of your own mind and others, you will definitely need to have a very inspirational WHY.

Did you pick that up, you need an “inspirational” why. You need a WHY that is based “in spirit”. It can’t be fluffy and sound good, it must be really dear to you, it must be something you truly want to bring into being. The world is very sugary and full of distractions, there are so many wonderful and simple ways to “look good whilst going nowhere”. The crazy thing is the whilst “looking good and going nowhere” you may also be getting congratulated by everyone else.

So, without going into too much depth about the current “status quo” of society, can we agree that as a rule, when aiming for true happiness and fulfilment, we (society) are not quite aiming high enough.

To break it down, if you are wanting a better body because you want to be more admired or respected, you are coming from a very small WHY and you will be met with many challenges, likely never feeling wonderful even if you do get that body.

If you were aiming to be the most dynamic, alive, movement-based human being you could be so you could adventure and explore life with your partner, kids and loved ones, then you may find the weight dropping off you and the challenges that little bit easier to overcome. Why, firstly because it is a bigger, more inspirational picture that involves more than just yourself but secondly because you will begin to be that adventurous soul straight away and before the weight even falls off you will feel better about yourself.

Your WHY is not only your reason, which then inspires your ultimate decision, it is also your fuel for getting there. It is your reminder, it is your non-negotiable, it is your gift to yourself, it the impetus to help break the patterns that got you stuck in the first place. It is YOUR “why”.

Funny thing is, if you just fully understood what I have written above, you will work the rest out for yourself.   I am sure whenever you have had a strong uncompromising WHY you will know that immediate results followed. That leads me to the next simple bit.

There are a few wonderful sayings that I love, they all point to the same thing. “Ask and you shall receive”. “Build it and they will come”. “When the student is ready the teacher appears”. When you have your WHY sorted out and you roughly know WHAT you are shooting for, you don’t necessarily need to skip to the HOW on your own.

Relax for a few moments and know that the moment you connected with your why you also perhaps unknowingly sent an order to life itself asking for something to be delivered to you. This could be the coach, program, advisor you need. It could be the time, money, support you need. Whatever it is, please don’t underestimate life’s ability to deliver you what you need, if you have finally worked out your WHY. So, before you jump into how it is going to happen, open up to “WHO” or “WHAT” may be able to help, ask (out loud if you have to) for that help, give that a moment to settle in and then when it feels right to start working on the HOW.

The cool thing is, from my own experience, once you have these simple things in place, you only need to be willing to do what it takes and finally, let go of whatever piece of mind says that you can’t. As far as the power of “changing your mind” goes, remember this quote that I believe was from Albert Einstein, “You cannot solve a problem on the same level of mind that it was created”. Just change your mind (you will most probably get a few chances to see the old mind pop up) and enjoy the ride.

So, here we go, can you believe, everything I have written above only adds up to 5 simple steps.

 Five ingredients to change

  1. WHY (This is your inspiration)
  2. WHAT (WHO or WHAT do you need – let in the support)
  3. HOW (Make your plan, get started straight away)
  5. LET GO OF THE MIND (yours and others) THAT SAYS YOU CAN”T

Lastly, don’t underestimate how many people you will inspire as a bi-product of you living your best life. If you knew, in advance, the depth of the difference you will make by challenging the status quo, that in itself would be enough to have you never compromise.

Remember, you are worth it, whatever it is you want to do, you deserve to live your best life.

I always say, Bring it into NOW and never underestimate the power of who you are.

 Love, Trev

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