Want to Break a Habit? Answer These 4 Powerful Questions First…

breaking a habit

Breaking habits and building new ones brings about different challenges for everyone. One thing that is common amongst us all though is where habits begin…. and this is in the mind.

Our mind is a powerful tool yet we so often give in to actions that are seemingly on autopilot without giving them a second thought.

It’s easy to go through life day-to-day without making any changes to our current healthstyle but still content to stay unhappy with where you are headed. This is where motivation steps in. When you have a driving force that propels you with so much passion is when you’re likely to feel motivated the most. This can be due to internal states, unfulfilled needs, past experiences and future expectations and usually defined by a moment that you can distinctly relate to. Ever had one of these moments?

This is where all the magic happens… When we find the real motivations, the spark that drives us to our goals. I know a big one for me is fear of failing my own expectations, but for others, it may be insecurity, recognition or self – validation. There are so many variables and we are all unique.

In regards to your health, it could be a moment where you are fed up with feeling tired, seeing a photo of yourself that brings on that cringey feeling, allowing stress to take over or not taking the time to exercise. No one is immune to these times and they are what allows us to grow as humans and pursue our dreams. 

Creating a change to our current lifestyle can be daunting as it takes us out of our comfort zones.  It takes us beyond the ‘fun’ stage and often spills  into the work phase, which is where many of us jump ship and retire back to safe land… and old habits. 

The effort needed to stay on track may not feel great, but what does feel good is seeing your efforts pay off with the changes you want.  This is where consistency calls and rewards

Quite often we are stopped in our tracks by a lack of clear direction when it comes to change. The desire to change compounds and depletes willpower while stripping lasting motivation through energies placed on the battle between old and new. Dedicating yourself to change allows a whole new dimension to take place and makes the process a heck of a lot easier.

So, before you make the decision to change you need to decide how you’re going to tackle it.  Will it be immediate or a long-term process?  How much effort are you willing to put into making the changes and are you truly dedicated to your decision? Be honest, truly honest and know that change is possible.

The change bandwagon can stop and splutter before it even has a chance to gain momentum. What can we do about this to stop falling back into the comfort zone of the old self?

A perfect solution is to run through a series of 4 questions to yourself. Now, is a time for reflection. To use the moment for what it is worth to gain important insight into what’s stopping you from moving forward now and in the future. 

 Want to Break a Habit? Answer These 4 Powerful Questions First…

  1. What is the real reason I am avoiding this change and scurrying back to safe land?
  2. When things become uncomfortable what patterns do I revert back to?
  3. What self-talk do I engage in when adversity strikes to substantiate the process of returning to old?
  4. How can I begin to take responsibility for, and not blame others, for my actions?

Use these principles next time you feel like you’re being engulfed by self-defeating habits. Catch yourself in the moment, pause and reflect.  We are not our thoughts and nor should we be governed by them.  They are merely there to protect us from making a change simply because it is the easiest and most efficient route.

Be the change you want to see and re-program your current thoughts and attitudes. This is what is going to drive you to change your habits.

It’s easy not to change, to stay the same and be safe but here within lies the biggest and most rewarding aspect of being alive.. and we all have this ability. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way.

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