Free Shopping List and Healthy Snack Printables

If there’s one part of parenting that I seem to ‘come undone’ on, is kids and snacks. You would think after five years I would have it nailed it, but unless you’re prepared to resort to processed junk foods and sweets (which I am most definitely not!), it gets really challenging to reinvent the wheel each day.

When there’s a bit of time up your sleeve it’s nice to get creative in the kitchen and whip up some fun, healthy treats the kids will enjoy. Of course, you need the items in your pantry, to begin with and I often wonder if too much home cooked creativity can become the norm in our kids’ eyes leading to high expectations down the track.

Instead, I like to keep a staple of snack items that are simple yet nutritious. Each shopping trip there is a quick check of my basic shopping list to make sure that we are set for the week (with some extra baking planned on the side).

To keep me from staring blankly into my pantry I created quickly ‘go to’ snack ideas that can be created from the basic shopping list. Sometimes we have a tendency to offer the same each day but it’s important to serve up a variety of different nutrients to our kids, and for me, this list is a great reminder.

I’ve prepared my healthy shopping lists as printables for you to download, print out and keep on the fridge, as a simple way to keep everyone in the house on the same page. If your sharing duties with your husband, grandparents or another carer together these lists are a great tool to assist everyone with easy ideas especially when under pressure…

Free Shopping List and Healthy Snack Printables

Click here to download your own copy of the healthy snack shopping list printable.
Click here to download your own copy of the healthy snack food ideas printable.

What are some of your no-fail weekly items that make it into the trolley each week

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