Fun Ways to Keep Fit with Your Partner

partner exercises
Health and fitness is the gift that keeps giving all year round AND allows you to spend quality time with your better half through fitness.

Fitness is a great way to share a common goal and reconnect with your partner.
  There is something special about sharing a goal and working towards it… makes everything feel like it is in unison.  And the chances are you’ll more than likely have a better result.

Fun Ways to Keep Fit with Your Partner

Buddy up – Five partner fitness exercises to work the whole body on YouTube

Partner stretching
– a great video with a walkthrough of stretching exercises you can perform together

10 new outdoor ways to get fit together
– scroll through this list for inspiring ways to get moving

90 exercises in 9 minutes – this is a very cool video regardless.  90 bodyweight exercises that I bet you have never seen performed before!

As they say..the couple that play together stay together and it’s all about not taking it too seriously and being able to laugh at each other. 

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