How To Enjoy Fitness When Its Just Not Your Thing

how to enjoy fitness

Ok, I’m not going to pretend that everyone enjoys fitness and working out. Working as a Nutritionist and Health Coach, I hear these stories often and kinda get it.

I’m talking to the folk who join a gym – only to last a few months. Those who act on their NY resolutions – for only a few weeks or jump on a boot camp program and are left feeling overwhelmed and to never return. Perhaps any of *the above* is just too much because exercise, the skimpy gear, the sweat factor, or effort …just doesn’t rock your boat. I get it, I get it, really I do.

BUT, that still doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem – because there is – we are born to move and with so many damn benefits mentally and physically that come with daily movement, it’s a sin not to do.

So, (and here is the million-dollar question) how do we go about enjoying fitness and embracing it into our daily routine when it just plain sucks?

The answer lies within taking a few pointers from those that thrive on staying active. Now, I’m not suggesting you copy exactly what your health nut of a friend does, but try tuning into their habitual patterns and see what you find. We’re all unique beings with a whole lotta different goals and value, but regardless of what movement is performed – it’s the habits equation we need to focus on. 

The good news is your brain makes physical changes based on the repetitive things you do and the experiences you have.

We need to start at the basics, just like you do with everything worthwhile – forget all past experiences you’ve had, let’s wipe the slate clean in regards to your fitness. Let’s put all demons to bed and approach working out with a fresh new outlook. It’s worthwhile here, to ask yourself what’s stood in the way in the past. Why don’t you enjoy physical activity? Was it something stemming from childhood? Perhaps it’s the uncomfortable twinges you get from starting a routine (again), or by trying to do something that doesn’t suit your personality? This is an important key area I tackle in my Health Coaching with clients.

Actually, let’s not even call it fitness or working out – let’s go with moving it or shaking your bootie because that just sounds so much more enticing!  Also, forget what everyone else is doing, or what you feel you *should* be doing.  You know what? Don’t even put your fitness gear on but rather just head out in something plain and casual. Don’t make a deal out of working out like this in itself may set off a negative trigger you’ve set yourself up for in the past. Try and rewrite a new script that is going to set you up for a wonderful, new and exciting outcome.

This simply isn’t going to work for you if it’s not rattling your bones down deep and exciting you just a little… Make it unique to you!

If there’s anything – and I mean anything, you find unpleasant about your program then there’s a huge chance it will stop in its tracks. Don’t bite off more than you can chew by going out too hard too early in your endeavour to become a hot new version of yourself overnight. It makes sense to ease yourself into it and certainly beats the feeling of unfit while reminding ourselves of the long road ahead.

By building it up slowly and starting with super simple baby steps like taking the dog for a walk consistently each day will more than likely bring the habit of fitness into your life in which you can build upon. And it doesn’t have to belong – just the process of putting the dog on the lead and shoes on your feet is a great place to start.

Creating the habit first will more than likely promote bigger goals down the track.

Once fitness levels improve, energy levels rise and (you better believe it), the post-workout feel-good factor enters the equation then enjoying fitness and owning it becomes second nature.  Changing habits is hard.  But the more you understand how habits are formed and the science behind them, you are well on your way to success with changing them.

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