Why You Should Take Up Cycling This Summer!

vintage bikeMove aside, Cadel Evans!

This summer, there’s going to be a new contender on the roads. Whether your cycling experience is limited to those first few lessons as a child or you’ve dabbled here and there over the last few years, it’s time to hop on that bike, strap on that helmet and fully dedicate yourself to this wonderful sport/exercise activity.

Don’t own a bike? No problem – just check out retailers and get equipped with everything you need. Cycling has become uber trendy of late with single speed, retro bikes and even handlebar baskets suddenly back in style! If you’re not quite convinced that cycling is the way to go, here are just some of the benefits you can reap by pumping those legs!


Did you know that cycling has been linked to increased mental performance? The popular theory behind this link is that bike riding helps build new brain cells by boosting blood circulation and oxygen flow to the brain. If you’ve ever wondered why you get your best ideas while exercising, wonder no more; ditch those creative mind blocks by upping the ante and pedalling like crazy! Cycling outdoors will also prompt increased levels of mental awareness and concentration as you navigate different streets, roads, hills and settings. Test yourself by branching out and exploring new, unfamiliar areas.



When it comes to physical benefits, cycling has you covered. With every pedal, you’ll enjoy increased muscle strength, endurance, and bone density. Considered one of the best leg toners out there, bike riding regularly can also contribute to weight loss and a healthier heart. This all sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well on top of all this, bicycling is recognised as one of the best exercises you can do to improve joint mobility. Unlike high-impact jumping or running, the circular motion of cycling means that your joints are protected, making it particularly ideal for those who have suffered a knee injury in the past.


Say goodbye to fretful, sleepless nights and mood swings; cycling has also been linked to lowered levels of depression, anxiety and stress. There really is something about getting out in the sun and being at one with nature that nourishes the soul and melts those worries away. Avoid the concrete jungle of the city and head to the country, mountains or seaside, depending on where you live. It’ll be an absolute challenge to feel grumpy and stressed at the end of your ride – just try it!

Other Benefits

Mind. Tick. Body. Tick. Soul. Tick. Bank balance. Tick. That’s right, by using cycling as your means of transportation this summer, you’ll be giving your perpetually weary bank balance one big break. If you do decide to hit the roads, be sure to brush up on your road rules and always wear a highly visible outfit when riding at night, as well equipping your bike with the required lights.

Are you an avid cyclist? When was the last time you jumped on a bike? What other benefits do you enjoy the most about bike riding?

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