Maui Jim Ocean Shootout 2017 Event Recap and Photos

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In Hawaiian culture, Mana is spiritual energy of power and strength, it exists in objects and persons. It is the Hawaiian belief that there is a chance to gain mana in different hints that you do. 

If there is ever going to  be a way to top up ‘mana’ then heading to Maui for an ocean event is the answer. The Maui Jim Ocean Shootout 2017 presented by Maui Jim Sunglasses is a unique two-day ocean event consisting of 10 individual sprint races and relay races in multi-disciplined events. Held over the first weekend in June, the sprint races  took place in the luminescent waters of Ka’anapali Beach fronting the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel.  Throughout the Ocean Shootout, we competed in a range of international and Hawaiian-style competitive ocean sports, including sprint races in five disciplines: surf-ski, OC-1, SUP, paddleboard and swimming…. oh and let’s not forget lots of running to link the disciplines together! 

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Over the two-day event we accrued points throughout the competition, to vie for a part of the $50,000 prize pool and overall Waterman and Water woman crown. But, before you think it’s all glamourous and la-dee-da let me assure you we had to earn our bikkies! Organiser Matt Dubrule, is known for his tough stance on setting courses and without any wave assistance the racing was a grind – with 30 knot sidewind and chop to deal with for majority of the courses. Swim 200m – yeh right it was more like 800m – but that’s what we were there for – to test ourselves physically and mentally and come out the other end for a greater appreciation of what we’re capable of.

maui jim ocean shootout swim

Saturday was individual events of each discipline and the pace was on! I only really reintroduce myself to ski, board, swim a couple of months out from the event (after being retired from Ironwoman for nearly 14 years) and rely more on my SUP and ‘running around after kids’ fitness to guide me through. It seems mothers endurance has a lot to answer for! After nearly 2 years undergoing a Neurophysics rehabilitation and strengthening program (after degenerative shoulders reared their ugly head) I am constantly astonished at what the body can achieve by redirecting thoughts in a positive and balanced way, regardless of age. The name of the game is to try and remain consistent across the board in all events and by the end of the day one, I was leading by a couple of points from New Zealand’s Jessica Miller.  

maui jim ocean shootout board

Sunday was the big one with multi-disciplined events being the special of the day. Run-swim-run/Run-sup-run/ Swim- Ski-Board ‘American Ironman’ / Sup-Swim-Oc-1 ‘Hawaiian Ironman’/with the last event being SUP-Ski-Swim-Oc-1-Board which took 25mins and yes you get the picture of how exhausting this event is!

maui jim ocean shootout

Rounding out the day with 3 x 1st and 2 x 2nd placings was enough to be awarded the overall waterwoman title. Second place was 21 year old Jessica Miller and Hawaii’s Amy Woodward in 3rd.  In the mens division it was again Aussie Jackson Maynard in 1st, Hawaii’s Patrick Dolan in 2nd and Australia’s Luke Cuff in 3rd.

maui jim shootout winners

With thanks to Maui Jim for another superb and well run event and to all the competitors that make the weekend what it is.  Oh, and if you’re into ocean sports, mark this one down on your calendar for next year!

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