Passionfruit, Orange and Coconut Sago Pudding


Oranges are such a great staple fruit to have in the fridge, they are low GI, high in fibre and as we all know high in vitamin C. I had a hankering for oranges while I was pregnant which is good to know because they also are great sources of folate, the help with development of your growing bub.

Feeling a little creative, I took a look in the cupboard with what I could make dessert wise with oranges and came up with this passionfruit, orange and coconut sago pudding.  Our passionfruit vine has just finished fruiting and I think the two fruits marry very well together! The sago is simply a vehicle to carry all the flavours which comes from the sago palm and they are little beads that turn into soft pearls once they have been soaked. Sago is gluten free which makes this recipe dairy free also when coconut milk is added.

Passionfruit, Orange and Coconut Sago Pudding


+ 1 cup sago
+ 400gm can of coconut milk
+ 6 passionfruits, deseeded
+ 2 tbs brown sugar
+ 1 x orange cut into sections
+ 1 tsp vanilla
+ 3 tbs chia seeds


1. Soak the sago balls in a bowl with the coconut milk for approx. 1 hour

2. Over a low heat add the sugar to the passionfruit pulp and stir until thickened

3. After an hour, in another saucepan add the sago and coconut milk and vanilla.  Stir over a low heat until the balls turn clear and are soft. Add the chia seeds and leave to cool slightly

4. Just before serving add the cut up orange to the passionfruit syrup

5. In a bowl or mug, layer your sago with the fruit layer and finish off with a sprig of mint.

This is best eaten just after making so the fruit is nice a fresh.

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