Ironwoman Courtney Hancock Talks Diet and Training

As Summer rolls around you will hear this name a little more, she is one of the most beautiful sportswomen roaming the country at the moment…and sweetest at that.  Ironwoman Courtney Hancock is 30 years old and is a Coolangatta Gold winner, Australian Ironwoman Champion and Series champion. Her body speaks health and fitness so I asked Courtney a few questions about her training, diet and important girly issues (shopping, beauty).

Courtney Hancock…a picture of fitness!

Describe a typical day of training……

I review my training program pretty regularly. I look at what I have coming up and adjust my training to suit. For example, the short course eliminator format means fast and hectic racing with very short breaks between the races versus the long course “enduro” format which is all about a strong endurance base etc. This year’s Ironwoman Series will be really challenging because of the different race formats with very little time between each Round.
On a typical day I get up at 4.45 and after a couple of pieces of fruit, toast head off to swimming. After swimming I have a”big” breakfast of orange juice, cereal, toast and poached eggs plus a few vitamin tablets. I then usually have a “nanna nap” before my late morning session which can be the gym or working on skills in the surf. The final session of the day is usually a board or ski paddle back which can be fun or a real nightmare depending on the wind and surf conditions. I also try to get in at least 3 running sessions, a yoga session and massage during a “normal” week.


At least 3 sessions a day Monday to Friday, 1 session Saturday morning and Sunday off (yay!!!)”

What foods make up the majority of your diet?

“It was not that long ago that I was a full-on vegetarian, but I was feeling tired and just lacked any energy, which was not how I wanted to feel and it was affecting my training and racing. I had a general health assessment by the people at Endura Sports Nutrition and from that time on I have changed my diet and outlook on eating completely. I eat a lot, but I find my weight does not change because I am training so regularly. Also, I eat pretty much what I like, plenty of pasta, heaps of fruit, grain bread, protein shakes and I now really love a good steak. Every now and then I will treat myself to some “take away”, which is usually Chicken Pad Thai or a Spinach Ricotta Pizza”.


Anything you steer away from?

“This answer is easy – late nights and alcohol. These 2 things just don’t go with hard training and racing. Of course, once the racing is over then I like to have a celebration with all my friends, have a few Pina Coladas and kick my heels up on the dance floor”.


What do you think you do differently that gives you the edge?

“I don’t know whether I do anything differently to others, but what works for me is to keep things very simple. No stress, no fuss everything is done and ready to go well before race day. Of course, things do go wrong but I try and not let anything get to me. There are other competitors who prepare themselves differently and show their nerves by being “loud” and hyperactive, but this is not for me and I tend to keep to myself just before the start of a big race. This is also when I plan my race and look at what is going on in the water”.


You are a beauty therapist as well…any tips?

“Because I am in and out of the water every day and exposed to the sun all the time I make sure my moisturiser has a sun protection rating. I moisturise my skin twice a day, use Ella Bache sun guard foundation for my face and UV 30+ sunscreen for my body when I go to the beach or train outdoors.”



Fashion…what are you lusting over…what is on your hit list

“I love fashion and draw a lot of ideas from TV shows like “Sex and the City” and The Kardashians. I dress casual and modern most of the time but really like to put a strappy cocktail dress on when going out.  Shoes are also a favourite with me, particularly Tony Bianco.”
Favourite shopping haunts

“The Oasis and Robina Shopping Centres on the Gold Coast and the Sawtell fashion boutiques are my favourite spots to find a bargain”


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