Ingo Rademacher – Happy and Healthy in Hawaii!

Ever dreamed of living the simple life in Hawaii? Well, this couple and their two young children are doing just that.

Good friend, (and ex Aussie) Ingo Rademacher and his gorgeous Hawaiian wife Ehiku have chosen the North Shore of Oahu to bring up their family. You might think coming from a successful LA acting career (and killing it on USA dancing with the stars) would mean over the top mansions and excesses but true to form Ingo and his family enjoy raising their kids alongside their chickens and getting back to basics.

Creating colourful and stylish activewear is also their latest passion with the birth of the brand Mahiku alongside friend Mahea. This tights are awesome with a purposeful low riding cut which makes them great for working out in.

Mahiku activewear

Q. What inspired you start Mahiku? Where does the name come from?

A. Ehiku’s friend Mahea was making the pants on a small scale from her home and Ehiku thought it might do very well on a larger scale and made in a quality factory in the US. We saw a serious lack of colour out there in the activewear world, and what was available with colour was not from a quality company.

 Mahiku comes form our partners MAHEA and EHIKU =  MAHIKU.  Mahiku means Uncultivated Land/something new, in Hawaiian.

Q. What are your most popular prints and tell us about the unique cut of the tights?

A. We have over 60 Prints at this time and some are more popular than others of course, but it’s hard to pick one winner or even 10.   Everyone has different tastes and that’s what makes MAHIKU so unique.
There’s something for everyone. Our design is low cut,  to be worn at your bikini line which makes them perfect for the beach and also makes them a little more flattering than your average high rise yoga pant.

Q. Where do you see the brand going,  and do you have plans to expand into matching tops etc?
A. We are currently adding long tights and shorts to our line as well as tops.  Probably not matching, more solid colours so that you can have one top that matches a few different bottoms. We are improving the cut on the bottoms and adding a few extra details to make them even stronger in the surf and throughout your workout.  After that, we will continue to work on our Yoga and casual wear line.


Q. Ehiku has an amazing body, post children what helped her get back into shape?

A. Breastfeeding!  As well as working out, she does anything she can when she has the time.  Constantly cross-training with SUP Surfing, bodyboarding, cross-fit, running, Distance SUP workouts etc.   Also, we have a pretty good diet, actually it’s not a “diet” it’s a lifestyle.
We only eat Organic NON-GMO foods.  lots of healthy grains like Quinoa and brown rice mixed with green veggies and healthy clean proteins.  We keep our kids on the same program and try to stay away from “kid food” like butter, cheese, pasta and hot dogs that seem to be on every kid’s menu here in the US.
Ingo Rademacher Hawaii

QIngo, how has the Hawaiian lifestyle influenced you, coming from crazy LA in the past few years, has it promoted a healthier one?

A. The climate is my main reason for being here. It’s perfect year-round so you spend a lot more time outside and in the crystal clear waters. LA was great for almost 20 years but I never made friends with the dryness of the desert and how cold it is year-round. I’d been visiting Hawaii since 1996 and always wanted to live here. In 2005 I bought a home on Oahu. We’ve been living here now full-time for 2 1/2  years.


Q What are your favourite family things to do in Hawaii?

I think for both of us it’s taking advantage of the great climate and the ocean in all kinds of different ways. From just relaxing on the beach to doing beach workouts and gnarly downwind runs during the trade wind season.  flatwater river paddles for workouts or family paddles to see the Turtles and exploring. Hiking and running the trails in the Mountains. There’s always something to do cause the weather is perfect.

Q. Bringing up children highlights the importance of eating well, tell us about your families food philosophies.

Absolutely no Soft drinks!  We live on such a dirty planet with so much pollution and exposure to toxins from all angles, that eating clean food is just one of many ways to eliminate toxic build-up in the body.

So eating organic non-GMO food that hasn’t been sprayed with any poison. No Corn Syrup or refined sugars. And then most importantly eat simple, not too much processed food and drink plenty of clean water.

Q  To finish up, where can people buy your tights (non-Americans)…I notice you don’t ship to Australia in your online USA store?

A.  Under retailers on our website

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