Fizzy Fruit Sticks

fizzy fruit sticks

Apart from spending our holidays jumping in the pool multiple times a day we have consumed copious amounts of summer fruits.  We can’t get enough fruit this time of year and I’m sure the fruit shop is getting sick of the sight of me.

So to fuse two good things together  – fizzy water and fruit, into one ice block creation is perfect to cool down on a hot day and fun for the kids to whip up also. The fizziness of lemonade or soda water is a nice surprise and the frozen fruit gives a nice crunch.

summer fruit

Fizzy fruit sticks

I have used my water ice containers but you can try use yoghurt cups, plastic party cups with a spoon or paddle pop stick.

Put the spoon and fruit in the cup and fill with lemonade or sparkling water.

If you’re using cups, cut some thin card and push the spoon through this to help keep the spoon in place until it is frozen.

Freeze for at least 6 hours


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