6 Free Online Workouts to Help Keep You Going This Winter

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Hands up those who have fallen off the fitness wagon already this winter?  I know it’s not hard to do, let’s face it feels like the middle of the night at 5.30am and the doona is soo cosy.  Evenings are just as uninviting and the natural tendency is to just get home and warm ourselves up with some comfort food!

Well, to be different you have to do different things and that means making the effort during these cooler months to stay in line with your values and goals around fitness.  Remember everything is connected and healthy eating usually follows on from feeling good from working out and fuelling yourself properly.

So to perhaps kick start your motivation I have scoured the net and found some free online workouts you can complete at home, in your own time (and warmth) and when you’re done with these there are plenty more out there just like them.

6 Free Online Workouts to Help Keep You Going This Winter


1.  Have you ever tried Barre? It is a cross between ballet and pilates and gives you a great core workout while controlling your moves. Fitness blender has a heap of great workouts for free


2.  How about 30 minutes of dance cardio (forget that this is plugging a dance shoe)  This video will raise your heart rate and create some body heat!


3. We all love a strong midsection and this core abdominal workout just to make us remember they are there under all the warm layers


4.  Have you ever tried Tae Bo? It’s kinda like a Les Mills combat class mixed with abdominal work mixed in.  


5. Even if you don’t feel like anything high impact this pilates class is perfect to stretch and tone


6. Yoga..I love doing yoga in winter to wake up stiff joints and this online yoga class is a great all-rounder from 


Do any of these take your fancy? Then bookmark this page and keep it handy, to visit the channels on youtube for more online workouts. Enjoy!

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