5 Must Read Articles That Will Help Calm Pre-Event Nerves.

pre-event nerves


Perhaps you have an event or race coming up and your attention is turning to the finer details and preparations of not only what is going to happen on the day but the weeks leading into. 

Our minds play wonderful games and strangely enough tries its hardest to convince us that we need to be training more, eating this, drinking that in the quest for the perfect race. Whether it’s running a marathon, completing your first triathlon or entering an event that you have dedicated some time of your past 3 plus months to… I have gathered together a series of articles to help you calm a few of those pre-race jitters.

5 Articles That Will Help Calm Pre-Event Nerves.

Is a lack of sleep before a race a bad thing? Is something we all seem to stress about especially if there is jet lag to deal with but this may be reassuring to know.

Taper time – explains nicely how to approach a pending race with how to scale back your training

What to pack for fuel on race day –  is a basic guide to keep you nourished on race day

The right stuff? – investigates 5 common pre-race meal mistakes

How to beat mental roadblocks – Is something we all encounter but it’s who deals with them the best.

Good luck and remember, it always seems impossible until it’s done. x


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