Correct Technique for Stroller Running

stroller running technique

Here’s the scenario…’ve always loved running, then you fall pregnant and running somewhat takes a backseat for a while. Along comes, bub and your super keen to get back into it after the doctor gives the all clear – but the catch now is there is now a bub and pram involved.

Personally, I felt it took a while to get the feel for running with a pram but with a few technique changes, you will be feeling at one in no time. Here are some important tips that I felt helped with the transition.
Correct Technique for Stroller Running
+  Keep your shoulders relaxed – try to keep your shoulders low and away from your ears, shoulder blades back and down with a long neck so you are not hunching over.  Maintaining an open chest is a postural reminder in keeping things relaxed. 
+ Watch your posture – It’s easy to fall into the habit of leaning forward and sticking your bum out especially up inclines…not a good look! Aim to keep your hips tucked under and imagine a piece of string from your head to your toes, all in line. 
+ Try alternating hands – It is much easier running with a hand free to swing and push with the other.  It will take a while to build your confidence up which is why it’s also a good idea to use the safety strap.  Keep swapping hands and you’ll also be getting an upper body workout as well. Try to keep a loose grip and push with the heel of your palm rather than fatiguing your forearms and triceps.
+  Shorten your stride – It is easy to bump into the rear axle (and annoying) which is why you should shorten up your stride length. Smaller steps are the safer option for everyone.
+ Don’t expect to run the same  – And I’m talking pace or distance that you would without a pram. You can at times have up to 40 kgs to push so take this into consideration when setting out.
Now that you have the correct posture, the hardest part will be keeping your little ones in the pram! N.B. For safety reasons, It is recommended you wait until the baby is at least 12 weeks old before running with them in a stroller. 
What are your tricks for keeping your kids occupied in the pram? food? singing songs?

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