Are You Gym Nervous? Try These 5 Tips

The thought of walking through the front door of a gym can exasperate fear into the best of us.

While some prefer to choose the great outdoors to move their body, others see joining and becoming a member of a gym beneficial while providing a much-needed change. Sure, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that gyms are there to promote a healthier and fitter version of you. One that is more body confident and strong. Sometimes the whole experience can leave us overwhelmed without knowing where to start or what to do.

Not only do we deal with potential body insecurities, but there is also the fear of feeling like a complete dork if the treadmill happens to fling you across the other side of the room on start-up, or equalling embarrassing, collapsing under the weight of a wrongly set up machine.

This is a common feeling, as with most new challenges we set ourselves, but the good news it doesn’t take long to feel comfortable in a gym setting with modern day foolproof exercise equipment or being clued up on how to secure your spot for a spin class the next day. 

Many gyms offer unique approaches and it pays to do your homework first. Choose a centre that supports your goals (as quite often there is lock in contracts) that will continually help to inspire your attendance!

If you have ever thought of joining a gym but are finding it all a bit nerve wreaking here are some tips that might help ease you into it.

Are you gym nervous? Try These 5 Tips

+ Try a group class – my advice is to do this first for a few weeks, group classes will help ease you into the groove of routine and while building up your strength and fitness (it will build up your confidence as well).  It is a great way to meet fellow gym goer’s that you might like to hook up with after the class or simply ask advice from.

+ Ask for help – have one of the personal trainers on site design and demonstrate a program.  This way you will know EXACTLY the right exercises, correct posture, form and equipment to use with the correct weight.  This helps reduce uncertainty, and you have the program in front of you to take to each session to record your progress. Ask to have your program reviewed every 6 weeks, this ensures you’re continually challenging yourself without the risk of boredom.

+ It’s not a fashion show – don’t let the fact that you’re not in the latest and greatest gym wear put you off.  It is not a necessity. You are there to sweat, make funny faces in the process and maybe even puff! The latest fashion is optional.

+ Plan your workout – early morning and late afternoon are the busiest times.  If time allows, leave the gym for the off-peak periods.  The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed and you will have more chance of zipping through your workout without the hassle of waiting for equipment.

+ Make it as social as you want it – if hitting the gym is your chill out time, then that is ok. It’s up to you on how social you want to make it.  If you would like to be left alone, just pop your tunes and headphones on and chill out and enjoy the endorphins!

It’s true that summer bodies are made in winter, but more so that healthy bodies are non-seasonal. Success is the product of daily habits – not once in a lifetime transformations so if you lack direction with a fitness program then joining the gym could be the kick-start you need.  


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