Why Colouring-in is The New Anti-Stress Tool

colouring in pages for adults

We all know having a toolbox of ways to relieve stress is so amazingly good for our wellbeing.  Sure, you may have tried more popular choices such as yoga, but found it isn’t your cup of tea or meditation just doesn’t gel with you. Perhaps reminding yourself to be mindful can sometimes, well, slip your mind which is where colouring-in can step up and fill this void.

Colouring-in is for kids I hear you saying. Well, what is the deal with that and whoever may up the notion we should limit it to our childhoods? 

We can learn so much from children and this is another perfect example. Next time your child is colouring take note and watch as they are in the zone and focus on only what is in front of them. Are they getting worked up or using it as a way to chill out and reconnect with themselves?

Colouring-in is the new anti-stress because

The practise generates wellness,

It promotes quietness

It stimulates brain areas related to motor skills,

It activates the senses and creativity

Last week I noticed on a past client/friends Facebook page shot of her beautiful colouring-ins. Throughout her wellness coaching, we worked on ways to help relieve stress through prioritising goals and daily tasks (stress was an issue), but Kylie did struggle with yoga, meditation and breathe related exercises being a single mum with a busy toddler consuming most of her time. Colouring-in seemed to be her perfect solution!

This is what Kylie had to say about colouring therapy

“I probably work on one piece for 3-4 days at between 5-20mins at a time. As soon as I sit down and look at the picture my mind empties and I just think about what colours to use and concentrate on keeping between the lines. It gives me a little break, the little stupid things I’m worrying about I forget about and the important things seem to come to the fore. Plus it makes me happy and accomplished when I finish a picture”

How great is that?

So where do you start if it sounds like something you would like to try for yourself?

Of course, there are specific books and pages that are designed with adults in mind. Choose a level that you would like to start out whether it is a challenging pattern with symmetry or a simple larger scale design.

There are some great sites that offer free downloads to try here are some examples

Art Deco Fashion Colouring Page

Fairy Garden

Busy Beach Scene

 You really can pop into google whatever you like and there will be a colouring-in page for that!

 So what do you think.. Is art therapy for you?

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