6 Top Tips To Help Ward Off Winter Illness

ward off winter illness
It’s that inevitable time of year again, where every second person seems to be falling victim to the cold/ flu or some other unknown winter virus.

If it’s not your own kids sniffling, it is the kids at kindy or your work colleagues that are harbouring a whopper and ready to share the love… And, as you know once it enters the house it is like rampant wildfire so it feels like you are playing the waiting game, to see who it’s tagging next.

There is only so much you can do to avoid the spread of germs without feeling like a total social outcast.  As I see it you have two options.

1. Rely on the nutrients from your food and immune system to guide you through or 

2. Be proactive and support your body with supplements and a little bit of caution

I prefer no. 2…

6 Top Tips To Help Ward Off Winter Illness

+ I prefer prevention rather than cure and I must confess that I am an antibacterial hand wipe fiend and have been known to have 3 packets on the go at one time. The car, the handbag, the house – as I see it, if I can prevent one less illness a year, I have done my job. I try not to overuse these due to unnecessary chemicals being absorbed into our system but they are a great resort where there is no soap and sink in sight. 
+ My mother always used to say that the flu spreads at our yearly state ‘Ekka” exhibition – highly populated crowded events, and she is probably right.  I try to avoid them and anywhere else that is overcrowded.

+ My family is big on olive leaf extract – if I see a special on these bottles I grab 4.  This is liquid gold and with its high potency levels of antioxidants it is said to be 400% higher than Vitamin C.  Everyone in our family gets a swig of this at night. Great as a throat gargle as well. The other one we use is Camu Camu powder due to its high vitamin C levels.

+ You can’t expect your body to ward off incoming enemies if you’re not providing the right nutrition.  Add garlic to your bakes and meals and extra veggies that are full of antioxidants. Top up on your good bacteria (probiotics) which is found in yoghurt or supplements to give your body every fighting chance to fight off viruses.

+ Try to stay on top of things – stress, lack of sleep, just too much of anything can leave us vulnerable.  Burning the candle at both ends at this time of the year is not the wisest move to make. Listen to your body to be safe rather than sorry.

+ Maintain a clean house – This is your first point of defence. Regularly wipe down benches, clean sinks, iPad surfaces, remote controls. Places that are in contact with little fingers and their friends. Germs can last on surfaces for more time than you think so now’s the time to stay on top of your cleaning s

I find it hard to afford the time to be sick while I have little ones demanding my attention so with a bit of diligence hopefully, these tips can bring one less sore throat or cough into your household.


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