4 Ways to Rebuild Your Body Confidence and Self Love

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Dealing with body confidence issues is certainly something I have not been immune to in the past. Being thrust onto national TV/magazines on a weekly basis and competing in a swimsuit was a confronting aspect I was forced to deal with quite early in life.

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m blessed with long legs or a slim build, but what I am genetically passed on with, is a body that’s strong, agile with a capacity of being a vehicle helping me meet my dreams… So long as I practice self- respect. In a sense, we all have this capability – to reduce our waistlines through a fitness program, to stop drinking and/or smoking through mindfulness techniques or plan healthier meals at home (reducing takeaway). So, what stops us and stands in the way of getting the best out of our self?

It can be so damn easy to be caught up in comparisons and unfortunately, this is where the problem lies – it’s chicken or the egg kinda stuff – if we don’t appreciate our self, then how are we expected to nourish ourselves with nutritious foods, take the time to connect with our body via movement or create healthy habits? Moving forward and embracing what you have is the key. Stop analysing things and create that first step. Learn to love your body and appreciate that everything you eat, drink – do (or don’t do), reflects your mindset and long-term goals.

Remember the times when you may have been in a self-defeatist mood or phase of your life when you carry a “who cares if I eat chocolate” mentality? When you hold this attitude, it’s really (like really), easy to fall into a rut. Self-sabotage runs the show and bad habits slip in and form a ‘normal’ way of being. I see people stay in these patterns for years, not knowing how to escape or actually believe change is possible. 

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Is it all negative? Positivity breeds positivity. What is required is to be on top of these thoughts to create a flow-on effect and it all begins with your mind.

4 Ways to Rebuild Your Body Confidence and Self Love

1.Change your inner dialogue

We all have beliefs about our self, with many not being true.  Being aware of the labels or stereotyping that is going on from your own inner dialogue such as “I’m not an exerciser”. That’s a good enough reason to get out there and give it a crack and to rephase things to “I am someone who feels great after exercise”

“I can’t stop craving sweet things after dinner” As you can see you’re already telling yourself you can’t, so perhaps let’s rephrase that into “I feel really full after a balanced dinner and don’t feel the need to crave sweets after dinner”.

See where I’m heading with this?  Catch your negative chatter, write it down and rephrase it into a positive.

2. Stop comparing

As I mentioned above your body is yours and you need to own it. Find what is unique and works for you. Comparisons will only bring you down and leave you disheartened. It’s time to bring out your best.

3. Find your support crew

If you are willing to change then it might be time to change your surroundings. Find people on the same frequencies as you that will offer positive feedback and support. Become aware of this paradigm shift and what may come from friends that are not accepting of your desire to change. “People don’t resist change, people resist being changed” rings true!

4. Consider yourself as ‘one’

You are what you think, feel, do, say, dream, see… See yourself as a whole and learn to connect to your body rather than viewing everything segmented.


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