5 Shortcut Tips to Create Fast Nutrition

Not often am I afforded the luxury of spending hours in the kitchen creating something extra special but simple does not necessarily mean plain and boring!

Sometimes if we’re rushed for time the nutrition stakes of a meal are a little relaxed. Enter the pizza, takeout, spaghetti on toast kinda thing… So it’s good to know there are a few tricks you can keep up your sleeve to overcome this problem.

5 shortcut tips to create fast nutrition

1. Did you know frozen fruit and vegetables can have more nutrients than fresh produce? Frozen vegetables are snap frozen at the source whereas fresh can sit in storage for many months, causing it to lose its vital nutrients. Next time you grab the groceries fill up on frozen vegetables.  There are so many great stir-fry varieties, winter vegetables mix to add to casseroles etc and small mixed packets that are perfect for the little ones.

fast nutrition

2. Make tinned fish your friend! Tuna, salmon, sardines etc all have ok levels of omega 3’s and there are many brands now that are fishing sustainably. There are some great frozen fish brands available now, especially salmon, but careful you don’t buy the crumbed varieties. Enjoy on a sandwich or rice cake or make tuna patties or tuna with pasta for a quick meal in less than 10 minutes

3Have some pasta sauce jar’s on call. Some brands are better than others and contain fewer sugars but you can’t go wrong with a passata to add to some frozen veggie’s and pasta, or whipping up some lasagne rolls.

lasange rolls

4.  If all you are a bit of a smoothie lover, switch to frozen fruit.  This section in the supermarket freezer is slowly growing, which makes it a lot more affordable than buying fresh also.  This way you won’t be caught short not having fresh and missing the main ingredient! Of course, try to snack on fresh fruit.

5.  It’s a change in the way you think but cook up double batches of meals that are freezable. It takes no more time except for perhaps cutting up a few more veggies but will save you at least 30 mins when the time comes next week!

What ways to do overcome the hurries with healthy shortcuts?

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