A DATE WITH MY PLATE – Ironwoman Courtney Hancock


If there is one Australian sportswoman who is getting exposure (and the right kind) at the moment, it’s rightly so .. Courtney Hancock is not only gorgeous on the outside but a beautiful soul on the inside and I was lucky enough to be granted access to see what a typical day of fuelling her rigorous training program entails.

Courtney is a fine example of someone fine-tuning their diet till they find what works.  I remember when she was first beginning in the sport of Ironwoman racing we had a chat about the purpose of protein in the diet, and the importance of this in an athletes diet, after she was suffering fatigue with the workload.   Last year Courtney also gave gluten the boot after finding she was suffering from irritable bowel especially during times of stress.

Plenty of fruit and veggies, chicken, brown rice, nuts and gluten-free pasta, cereal and form the bulk of her diet and she tends to graze rather than eat big meals. Given her training schedule, she eats a fair bit (endurance sports mean wicked appetites) to maintain energy sources and remain healthy.

Here is what the current Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Series champion Courtney Hancock is chowing down on a typical day….

A date with my plate, Courtney Hancock Ironwoman

courtney hancock diet

Breakfast – Gluten-free bread with avocado and 2 eggs, beans, broccoli and chicken breast


courtney hancock ironwoman food

Snacks – As a treat after dinner or snacking during the day – yoghurt, strawberries and trail mix. Courtney jokes “These are my most healthy snacks”


courtney hancock nutrition

Lunch – Chicken breast, beetroot, tomatoes and spinach served on lettuce


courtney ironwoman diet

Dinner –  Shephard’s pie with low-fat beef mince, sweet potato and plenty of veggies

Courtney added, “I think grazing the whole day is good advice for high energy sportspeople and I always treat myself Friday and Saturday night plus a Sunday breakfast relaxing with friends”.

So there is an insight into one of Australia’s fittest females and it’s great to see she has a great grasp on what she eats and it’s the results that are showing!


Good luck this season Courtney and thanks for sharing. xx

Photo image credit – Delly Carr

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