What is Neurophysics And How Can It Make Your Life Awesome?


Do you feel ‘stuck’ in patterns surrounding your health, fitness, habits, stress, sleep, anxiety … Life?

If you are a regular, you would have read about my success with Neurophysics in rehabilitating my degenerative shoulder injury with further self-management.  Now 5 months on, it has been an amazing journey to discover what connections the mind has over the body and how founder Ken Ware is rewriting the textbooks in regards to fitness, training and injury rehabilitation. I’m now on a strength conditioning program, using the principals I’ve been taught, and using my shoulder in a range of exercises I was told I would have to restrict (for the rest of my life).  Even though it is not a huge goal for me, I’ve been pushing weight loads that have far exceeded what I thought I could – the motto of the story – don’t set limitations on yourself!

NeuroPhysics Functional Performance Training and Rehabilitation (NPTR) is a scientifically based and clinically proven method, which has broad applications across many aspects of rehabilitation and performance.

In simple terms, NPTR is a unique exercise-based program, which activates the nervous system in such a way that stimulates the body to re-organize itself and return to optimal function – often in remarkable timescales.

Twenty-five years in the making, NPTR has literally helped thousands of clients ranging from spinal cord injuries and chronic pain sufferers to athletes and those seeking to improve their physical and emotional well-being.

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Ok, I know what you’re thinking – “Seriously Karla, what does all that mean?” Yep, I get it.  Because Neurophysics is so left field to any other forms of treatment such as physiotherapy, chiropractor etc it takes a little while to understand the underlying principals.  In fact I wouldn’t even call it a treatment, because it’s doing far more than just treating…it is fixing. Which I now have the power and knowledge of how to fix myself.

To help you understand a little more I asked Stewart Cheffirs, Neurotricianist (who also took me through the program) at Neurophysics Robina to describe just what is neurophysics

Neurophysics therapy allows us to tap into the body’s own self-healing process which allows the system to self organise and upgrade itself into a much more ideal state of function, freeing itself of any restraints.

Stewart kindly answered a few more questions that may also help…

What is Neurophysics And How Can It Make Your Life Awesome

Q Who is Neurophysics for?

A It’s for everybody looking to enhance their life in any way, shape or form. Anyone who wants to be their best self. Everybody has untapped potential inside and Neurophysics allows us to teach the person how to use that potential and put it into action in the bigger, stronger, faster world we live in today.

Q Yourself and founder Ken Ware often relate how the body system operates like a flock of birds; can you please explain?

A We are a living system, just like a flock of birds. In a flock of birds, there is no central governor or boss, they just follow some simple rules. “I will fly as close as possible to the bird in front of me avoiding a collision”, and they all stick to that rule and they flow beautifully. That’s how our system should function as well. We have agents in our system that follow simple rules, depending on how many of natures rules the person breaks, to the amount of disorder in the system.

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Q How does Neurophysics relate to functioning better in everyday life?

A Neurophysics allows us to function better in everyday life because we teach you how to evenly disperse stress through your whole body and not allow it to become isolated. The isolation of stress in a system long-term is what creates dis-ease and dis-order. So, we practice taking stress into and out of our system in a relaxed and composed manner which allows our tolerance for stress to go much, higher. This engages the use of both sides of the brain to function and create balance throughout our system.

Q Why do lightweight exercises help in aligning our brain hemispheres? What are tremors? How do they work?

A We use lightweight so we can move really slow and concentrate on keeping our thoughts centred and feeling a flow of information/stress/weight through the body. Tremor is the natural underlying chaotic rhythms of the nervous system. Tremor allows the system to disperse its excess energy/noise and get rid of any restraints. This ultimately allows the optimal flow of information and energy through the system.neurophysics

Q Does Neurophysics replace a gym strengthening program? How? What makes it different?

A Once you learn how to train in a relaxed state and composed manner, controlling arousal (eds note: think, no face-pulling or ‘feeling the burn’) you can get much greater results in the gym gaining muscle and burning fat.  The system will be in a state of growth, not protection, now that you have taught yourself to not overreact to the environment (gym equipment).

Q How do you relate the costs of the program to long-term wellbeing?

A The cost is an upfront fee and with this, we teach you how to fix yourself so you don’t need to waste money on putting band-aids on things. This is a skill you will have for life so you can take care of yourself wherever or when to offset disease and disorder for good.

We look at the whole system to fix the system and everything else gets cleaned up along the way. Age is relative to the amount of disorder in the system so get rid of the disorder and age is just a number!


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