Strawberry Delite Bombs with Seductive Cocao Dipping Sauce

strawberry delite bombs

Nothing says happy valentines better than chocolate … and in my opinion, if it is a guilt-free version, it\’s even better.  Add in strawberries into the mixture and you have the complete package –

Strawberry delite bombs are the perfect gift made with love.  So get cracking… with or without the dipping sauce, these will win anyone’s heart 😉

Strawberry Delite Bombs with Cacao Dipping Sauce


2 cups strawberries, fresh or frozen
1 tsp natural vanilla essence
1 tsp ginger
250gm shredded coconut
1/4 coconut oil
1/2 cup melted rice malt syrup
3 tbs raw cacao powder
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup almond meal

Dipping Sauce
1 tbsp cacao powder
3 tbs coconut oil
3 tbs rice malt syrup


1 In a small saucepan, stew up the strawberries over low heat (add a small amount of water if fresh) and stir in vanilla and ginger

2  Add the strawberries to a food processor and blitz quickly until lumps removed. Add shredded coconut and again process.

3  Add in the coconut oil, rice malt, cacao powder to the food processor and blitz until combined

4  Add in the coconut flour and almond meal and again process until it forms a gooey consistency. You may have to add more or less coconut flour, this will depend on how much liquid was with the strawberries.

5  Roll the mixture into balls and store in the fridge while you make the dipping sauce

6  In a saucepan combine the cacao powder, coconut oil and rice malt until melted and pour or dip the balls into before setting in the fridge or enjoying straight away.

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