Helpful Cues to Stop the Negative Mental Bandwagon

negative mental talk

Being a control freak doesn’t help situations. It is easy to get caught up in the chain of thought that the world is against us and that life is unfair… Yes, life isn’t meant to be easy, so imagine how boring it would be if we were left unchallenged.

We are all aware of the feeling when there’s having an unfavourable day/week/even month…. and the more we dwell on this the more we seem to attract negative happenings?

It can be hard to pull yourself out of this hole once it’s dug, but these are some of the thoughts that I find useful

Helpful Cues to Stop the Negative Mental Bandwagon

. You can’t control everything – my husband likes to remind me of this one…it’s ok if the floors are dirty and my to-do list is not being ticked off – deal with what is happening NOW and everything else can wait.

. Stay in the now – don’t think too much about the past – you can’t change it and don’t think too much about the future – you can’t control it.  Just do what you can do and just be.

It’s ok to pull back from the world…yes it’s a useful time to reassess things, and a little soul searching never hurt anyone.  These are the times that you need to give yourself space to sort things out, so don’t wear yourself thin trying to keep a ‘fake facade’ going.

. Don’t lose sight of the important stuff – I just have to take one look at my girls and like a jigsaw puzzle, everything falls into perspective.  Remind yourself that this is a hard time but the only way around it is to go through it and some things just aren’t worth worrying about!

. Stay in control – easy to say I know, but in the end, it is up to us to pull ourselves together. Partners, parents, loved ones can say what they like but they can’t physically change our mindset…the magic part is up to us. Try meditation, find a calm space to sit and just be.

. This is part of life – part of being a human is going through struggles and making mistakes, everyone does.  It’s just how we individually deal with things that make people shine in certain situations. How to kick those negative thoughts to the curb and make the most of the situation can make or break success or failure.

Our minds are incredible but at the same time, our worst enemies..quietening our thoughts with small reminders can be enough to stop that feeling like you are losing grasp

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