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raw dark chocolate arils

The pomegranate is such a divine fruit, with each little red arils (seeds) full of flavour and instant tang.  Full of antioxidants (equal to green tea), research has shown that eating organic pomegranate seeds and drinking pomegranate juice can increase oxygen levels to the heart among other benefits.

I just love the taste and even though you may be put off by the unknown, they are rather easy to remove the seeds.  Just by scoring the rind and slicing halfway down, you can easily remove the seeds VERY DELICATELY being careful not to burst the arils while you are separating them from the white pulp.

From there they are at their best eaten fresh or else you can pop in the freezer for a frozen treat. Pomegranate can also be used in baking, salads, cocktails, soups and sorbets.

As I was peeling one for afternoon tea this afternoon I decided to get creative and make up a batch of chocolate coated arils, you COULD just melt some dark chocolate and dip them in for a juicy treat OR for a healthier option try this



+ 1 medium pomegranate arils removed
+ 1 tablespoon of coconut oil at room temperature
+ 1 teaspoon raw cocao
+ 1 natvia stick

How to make

+ Add the coconut oil and cocoa to a bowl and stir to mix, then add the stevia
+ Add the pomegranate seeds to the chocolate mix and gently stir to coat
+ Spread the coated seeds out on a plate or tray and place in the fridge to set for 30 minutes
+ Enjoy as a snack!

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