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Naked Habits ebook
I have an exciting announcement: After 4 years of research and writing, my first full length 177 page book has been launched! Naked Habits!
Naked Habits is not another book about another diet or workout program that has reaped results for a particular person – This book is quite the opposite. 
Not long after I began Health Coaching 4 years ago, I realised that most of the work I was doing with clients centered around undoing diet-related problems.  Undoing damage caused by diets stating promises that they can’t deliver on. Dieting seems to have a lot to answer for – so being the last cry for help for many,  a lot of my time is spent focusing on helping others regain trust with their body while unlearning dieting patterns of behaviour that have been unhelpful.
I have worked passionately developing Naked Habits with the mission to help people understand that their everyday choices and habits stem from a much deeper level. It is a practical guide on how to ultimately create your own healthy habits blueprint by drawing on proven behaviour change ideas from psychology and neurology, experience and a weird fascination with the subject! 
After each chapter of the book, there is a simple set of questions – designed to help reflect your ideal habit formations, with specific activity worksheets to help create further change.  To wrap the book up I have also included 31 of my favourite recipes so you feel inspired to begin making changes to your lifestyle straight away.
So what’s Naked Habits all about?

I believe instead of counting calories and spending hours in the gym, the secret lies in the formation of sustainable habits while believing in your potential.

Even if you do know what the correct choices are, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to apply them. And this is the crux of where developing positive habits shines through. Each habit we have (and I’m talking good and bad ones) is the direct result of small daily decisions that happen over time.

To improve habits, we need to challenge these decisions to be able to live true to our values

The way you are currently living is a direct result of the sum of your habits.

Doesn’t that just blow your mind?

And this is where I step in to help you better understand this.

I have broken the Naked Habits Ebookinto 5 sections and I share what has worked for me with my habit formations and research with suggestions to upgrade your own lifestyle.

You can expect to discover…

tickHow to really connect with YOUR body and lose hard-wired dieting thoughts… like, really!

tickHaving the knowledge and confidence to create your own workout schedule…and one that you love!

tickStrategies on how to skyrocket your mindset and stop relying on willpower.

tickHow everyday toxins are leading to weight gain and what you can do to reduce the risks.

tickBeing aware of overeating, triggers and connecting with your true hunger…this is a biggy!

tickUnderstanding how your gut/digestion is the centre of your energy universe.

tickEliminating energy sapping foods while focusing on whole foods.

tickRecognising the ways you respond to stress and how it affects everyday decisions.

tickHow to confidently organise your weekly meal plans and create healthy recipes.

Included throughout the book are specifically designed activity sheets to help you implement healthy strategies into your everyday life with a series of questions to guide you through creating your individualized wellbeing blueprint.

To ensure you’re covering all bases, I also offer for a small fee a nutritional diary assessment with personal recommendations for you to begin leading

your best healthy and lean life yet.

Naked Habits Ebook

So, if you want to quit the diet roller-coaster and learn once and for all how to start making healthy changes that are sustainable, now is the time!

For more info and to purchase visit Naked Habits Ebook

Naked Habits Ebook

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