Top 6 Things to do With Kids in Hawaii

When you travel abroad it is always a concern that the kids are going to lose interest and just want to come home.  It can really make or break a good holiday if the kids are happy and less prone to whinging, which is why Hawaii was absolutely perfect in every sense.

Yeh, yeh I’m a little biased because I love Hawaii and all it’s water wonderland activities but it really is chock full of fun and inexpensive ways to keep the kids busy and entertained.

Staying in Waikiki is your best bet.  Sure it’s in the hustle and bustle but if you stay on the fringes it’s not too bad.  This way you’re getting the best of both worlds with resort pools, other kids company yet still close to shopping malls (yah!) and local attractions.

The Hawaiian vibe is so mellow and at no point do I ever feel threatened walking down the street even during the evening hours.  They really do take care of their “Keiki’s” in the way of meals at restaurants and just generally getting around.

Top 6 Things to do With Kids in Hawaii

things to do with kids in hawaii

1.  Snorkelling – take your own gear or hire it, it’s what’s under the water that counts.  We skipped the tourists at Hanauma Bay and chose to swim with the fishys at Shark’s Cove on the North Shore.  It was far less crowded and untouched.

2.  Bubba Gump – We chose to eat here a couple of times, once at Lahaina in Maui and then at Ala Moana in Waikiki.  The atmosphere is typically American and kids menus super cheap at $4.95 which includes burger, fries, fruit and jelly cup.  Mountainous salads were my choice and the shrimp is cooked to perfection.  The Cheesecake Factory was another favourite and we rolled out of that restaurant the meals were so huge!

3.  The Aquarium  At just $6 for kids and under 3’s free this is great value.  I recommend you go not long after you arrive so the kids can get a feel and appreciation of what lies beneath.  Hands-on activities like holding hermit crabs and face to face encounters with the tanks makes for a fun couple of hours.

4. The Zoo – Again under $10 for the children and super close at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki, this zoo has all the animals you would expect at any national zoo.  It can get super hot so try and go on an overcast day but other than that, you can easily get lost in here for the entire day!

5 and 6 – Snowcones and fireworks – If your travelling to the North Shore of Oahu be sure to stop in at Haleiwa for a snowcone.  Until you try one of these you will never believe shaved ice can be so smooth.  With millions of flavours to choose from they are the perfect treat on a hot day.

The fireworks from the Hilton Hawaiian Lagoon are magical.  We stayed in an apartment next door so we’re lucky enough to watch 2 of these shows (every Friday night) from our balcony.

Oh and be sure to take some time to yourselves as well.  Sit back and take in the fact that having kids adds to the adventure of a holiday, seeing it through their eyes can make it so much more fun.  But, travelling with kids and extra luggage…yes well there’s has to be cons to everything 😉

Now it’s your turn…..Where has your favourite family holiday been to and why?

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