11 Crazy Things You’ll Only Ever Understand if You Love Working Out


To help lighten things up, I have put together my list of 11 crazy things you’ll only ever understand if you love working out

This is really an infinite list that is quite frequented in my mind at odd times,  but I would also love to hear your own funny, quirky thoughts.  Be sure to add them to the comments section below or on my Facebook page. 

So, let’s begin…

11 Things You’ll Only Ever Understand if You Love Working Out

1. You can use the word ‘fartlek‘ without cracking up into a fit of laughter

2. Find that months and months of training is so totally worth it for a single hour race or event

3. See it totally normal to be rising before 5 am

4. Know that nothing good happens after 9 pm. Zzzzzz

5. Without hesitation, can spend a tonne on a bike or tell yourself your workout gear is an investment in your health…Well, it so is!!

6. In a warped kind of way love the feeling of not being able to walk up the stairs or sit on a toilet after a hard leg workout.

7. How a whole loading of washing can be purely taken up by workout clothes!

8. The awesome feeling (or not so awesome for some) of standing on the line before an event begins

9. This is for the females…the importance of having your nails, outfits, waxing and hair just right…for an event.

10. Having more running shoes than casual or fancy shoes

11. Finding the perfect weather app that dictates what, when, how you plan to exercise the next day and dress accordingly

So tell me, I know there are more out there. 

What are funny things you catch yourself doing that you know your non-athletic friends would so NOT be doing.

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