5 Ways to Capture Pure Joy This Christmas

Joy and Christmas are two words that go seamlessly together.  Think of the Christmas carol lyrics, tree ornaments and card verses…joy, joy, joy!

We tend to get a bit too caught up in the whole hype that is Christmas.  Just visit a shopping centre near you and you can feel the Christmas shopping tension.  From what I can see, not much joy happening there!
Joy belongs in the realm of creative flow and play.  You know when you’re in a state of joy when time loses meaning, where worries cease to exist, and when thoughts of the past and future are flung away in favour of the rich and frothy right now!

With everyday chores and monotony it is VERY easy to overlook the joy that exists, Christmas or not. To me it is about looking deeper and paying more attention to the world around.  Listening..really listening to what people are saying and processing it in the now brings a calmness that is only created by doing so.

5 ways to capture pure joy this Christmas

1.Animals – they are the ultimate pleasers. When they give you attention, it is their undivided attention and something they are asking you to replicate.  Give them the time, it will be worth your while 

2. Tunes – whatever it is that rocks your boat, has the power to really hone in on being caught up in the moment.  Music can take you to into another world and please the soul 

3. Helping others – when you step up and offer your assistance with something or someone, it infuses an inner joy that simply cannot be matched.  Just by simply asking a question or signing up for community or voluntary work, this sort of stuff is made of the warm and fuzzies! 

4. Children – they have a knack of demanding you be in the now and I love just observing the pure joy that comes from their reactions to things. 

5. Nature – of course!  Being out in the ocean has an effect of time standing still for me.  It brings me back to the present and is very grounding.  Take the time to be an awe at a beautiful rainbow, stunning coastline, or amazing moon.  Pure. Joy.

So remember this Christmas, it not about joy finding you, but you finding joy, and really it’s around us everyday of the year.x

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