How Instant Gratification Is Our Biggest Down Fall


I was always brought up around delayed gratification rather than instant gratification.  My parents taught me that if you want to achieve something, there are no shortcuts and only good things come from sheer hard work.

Something I have noticed a lot lately is how impatient people are whether it is to do with their diet, work goals or future plans.  There is a lot of unrealistic ideas out there on doing what is required to create a long and lasting positive change.  I can’t say I am immune at some stage to it but if I am consciously aware of what is happening, I can put the steps in place to correct it.

Sportspeople are the perfect example…you might see them burst onto the scene one day and they seem to be an overnight success when in fact they have been getting up at 5 am since they were 10 years old and have had suffered many knock backs over the years.

If you have been abusing your body with excessive unhealthy foods, alcohol and not exercising for the past 20 years, how can you expect to undo all the damage within a month or less…it just isn’t going to happen. Or perhaps after years of sabotaging any weight loss efforts, you are caught in the nasty cycle of seeking out instant taste bud pleasure.  The eating of high-calorie foods provides instant pleasure (for a second) but NOT eating doesn’t give instant weight loss so the cycle continues.

Detox diets, I am not a big fan of these.  Sure they might give you the kick up the butt to get you started on a path to better things but that is about as far as it goes.  Nothing worthwhile comes of it, it is about making lifestyle changes and treating your body with the respect it deserves over a period of time (all the time would be the ideal;)

The same goes for new mums, who expect that they will lose their baby weight within 6 weeks of giving birth.  It takes 9 months to put the weight on so expect that will take that long to be fit and strong again.

I also read somewhere that talked about kids and toys…have you noticed that your child might see something in a shop one day and absolutely need it right that second…but to go home and forget about it within half a day?  However, if they hound you for months and months for a particular toy and they have to wait till their birthday, they are more grateful for it as they respect the process it took for them to receive it.

In this day and age everything is instant this and want it now, but there are some things that quite simply require perseverance and consistency.  There is no such thing as shortcuts and it all about making a commitment and sticking to it….however long it takes you to reach your goals. There is nothing glamorous about wanting to achieve something ‘better’ and there is no such thing as results without a bit of sweat and tears…..

Have you noticed yourself or anyone around you being a little impatient with something lately?  What do you find you are impatient with?

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