5 Healthy Foods That Can Tip The Scales…

Food = energy and even though some foods are truly healthy, too much of a good thing can undo us if we simply consume too much.

Healthy foods and so-called ‘superfoods’ can be energy dense, so if we consistently consume more than the energy we expend, then we’ll load on the pounds. Blunt but honest.

It can be an effort to change the way we eat, from processed, fat-laden, sugar riddled to including more fresh and natural options, but then it is also about going to the next level, and controlling how much of the good stuff we eat.

I will use a conversation I have had with my husband as an example, who is a bit of a nut freak, loves his almonds.  I am constantly buying packets.  I said to him, “That is it, make that packet last the week, because I am not buying any more until then“. His reply is ” What do you mean, nuts are good for you....”.  “Ummm yes they are a better option than biscuits but also full of fat (admittedly good fat) but calories so it doesn’t cancel it out of the equation..”.

I am not saying you shouldn’t eat the following foods but treat them as any other, or look for a healthier alternative.

5 Healthy Foods That Can Tip The Scales…

+ Juice

With this one, we are probably better off eating the real thing than drinking it.  The supermarket varieties are nothing but sugar and zero fibre.  They rate as high as a soft drink in the sugar levels and we are better off reaching for an apple or rehydrating with water.  Smoothie’s and frappes should be seen as consuming a meal because that is how many calories they have in them!

+ Banana Bread

Hmmm, cafe style is dangerous and may as well be termed as a cake.  Be wary of this and choose fruit toast with butter on the side.  The same goes for muffins, they are nothing but oil, flour, and sugar – unless of course you make your own and modify them to be healthy.

+ Salads

If you are planning to keep that halo over your head when chowing down on a salad, then make sure the dressing is minimal.  A true Caesar style can have as much fat as a big mac, so be conscious of asking the waiter to have dressing on the side (if at all).

+ Toasted muesli

This means toasted in some form of fat, choose the natural raw varieties and add some oat bran and yoghurt.  The same can be said for cereals, there are not too many on the supermarket shelves that actually pass the test and are full of sugar, salt and lack fibre.  See here for the best rated.

+ Avocado
I eat this daily, but know not to go overboard, they are full of good fats but fat is fat when it comes to our waistline and it all adds up at the end of the day. Have a great weekend!
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