5 Reasons Why You Should Experience Something Awesome This Weekend


Have you experienced or witnessed anything “awesome” of late?

I feel as though I have been surrounded by awesomeness in recent times which include simple things such as rainbows, huge ocean swells and moon eclipses. It just brings everything all into perspective when I witness such events so an article I read recently was very timely.

There is a study that suggests that things that inspire awe—that is, a feeling of respect mixed with fear or wonder—actually help make you a better person.

5 Reasons Why You Should Experience Something Awesome 

The outcome from the research shows that a sense of awe helps the recipients in surprising ways

+ have more time available

+ were less impatient

+ were more willing to volunteer their time to help others

+ more strongly preferred experiences over material products

+ experience a greater boost in life satisfaction

The study goes on to say the most significant effects are achieved when people are presented with new awe experiences. While reliving previous awe-inspiring events or reading about imaginary ones has some positive effect, being there, as something amazing happens, is best for you.

There are some things that seem to more frequently elicit awe-experiencing

+ nature

+ being exposed to art or music

+ observing the accomplishments of others.

And I imagine that just putting yourself in new situations, in new places, and encountering new people would increase your chances of experiencing awe.

So if you are looking for any excuse to get out there this weekend and experience amazing things, then this is enough of a reason to do it!!

So it’s your time to share….what awe-inspiring events have you been lucky enough to be exposed to of late?


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