Cool Facts About Breasts and Exercise

breasts and exercise

We spend time prepping for an exercise by stretching, hydrating and planning the workout but how much time is devoted to making sure our buddy breasts are ok and secure for the ride?

To some, it can be painful and enough to stop or not want to exercise without a properly fitting bra.  There are many on the market tailored to fit you according to your ‘bounce’ level of workout. Underwire with a wide cross back strap is best for high impact sports while you could get away with a bikini top for a surf.

Here are some other cool facts about exercise and your breasts

  • Breasts are sometimes referring to as melons/coconuts but are more like the weight of a grapefruit for most of us
  • Sports bras were not around until 1977 so it is likely our grandmothers did not have to luxury of bounce-free fitness..OUCH!
  • Most of us have one breast larger than the other and will find you will need to adjust your straps accordingly
  • By regularly doing exercises that work the pectoral muscle this will help perk up your breasts. Repeat this mantra. I must, I must, I must increase my bust while you are punching out a dumbbell fly set.
  • Research shows exercise helps ward off the big C by helping the immune system, lowering glucose-insulin levels and by helping the body break down oestrogen in a cancer-preventing way
  • Breast cancer survival rates are increasing due to awareness of detecting tumours early and self- examination checks.  The best time to self-check is straight after your period when your breasts are at their smoothes


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