Check in and Cherish Your Most Prized Possession

Allow me to ask this question. What is the first thing that pops into your mind around something you feel you can’t live without?

Your car, phone, computer?

If these items unquestionably came up first you may be excused for thinking you’re right. Indeed we do use these devices to help navigate through each day with their usage quantified by supporting our jobs while staying connected to those around us.  Now, for a second, imagine all the time and money you’ve spent maintaining, upgrading, or even splurged on these items.  Bets are that it racks into the many hours and thousands of dollars each year.

What I am more interested in is if you actually thought of a non-consumable. (You know where I am going with this right)?  I am talking about your body. Your personal temple. It’s fascinating how we can spend so much money and effort on our house, furnishings, car, clothes etc without even checking into what’s the most important possession of all?

For example, let’s use our house, or where we live as a benchmark.  We spend money and time scouring magazines and the internet for inspiration to decorate, feel the need to have the latest plasma on our lounge room walls, freely pay a gardener for external maintenance to mow our lawns, or simply pay the energy bill that maintains the pool pump.  Housework is a non-stop round trip and routinely culling the junk leaves us feeling good about…something?

It takes a huge amount of work and diligence to maintain a house and garden.  One that you show with pride. Like anything we do, if the hard work goes in, more than likely the rewards speak.  This brings me back to thinking about our bodies again.  Isn’t it strange how many of us baulk at the idea of spending a few extra dollars on something that’s good for our long-term health but won’t miss a beat when we see the latest iPhone? This fact alone is something we all should consistently remind ourselves of. That we shouldn’t feel guilty for putting our health first and front row.

Do you routinely give your body what it needs to function? – consistent care (balanced meals and healthy snacks), maintain the housework (visits to the doctor, dentist, specialists), inspiration (connection to other people, spirituality, creativity, time for reflection, deep breaths of fresh oxygen), external maintenance (self-care through grooming, making time to exercise and treat it as one of the most important things you do that day), adequate rest and time for relaxation (treating yourself to get your hair done, a facial, massage etc)

Just like a house, when we don’t maintain our most prized possession, it becomes rundown, shabby, the framework starts looking sloppy and the energy supply is cut off.  When our body begins to shut down, it screams and demands our attention the only way it knows how by packing it in with illness or injury. 

Just like we make lists for the day, try making a habit of checking in and making a list for your Self.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Do an at-home facial, book in for a yearly dental check-up, plan your week’s movement routine or buy some lovely fresh salmon for dinner.  Dedicate your time and money towards something that is the most important prized possession you have. 

Prevention is by far cheaper and much more enjoyable than cure!



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