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gluten free vegan muffins

Gluten-Free Vegan Very Berry Muffins

As my family moves away from gluten and dairy (intolerances), we have found it hard to find recipes that deliver on taste.  Quite often when attempting to create gluten-free snacks through baking, it is alluring Read More
Crunchy Almond Protein Bars
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Crunchy Almond Protein Bars

These almond protein bars are deliciously crunchy and brimming with energy to replenish your body after a hard workout. Use your favourite protein powder, to create a snack that is easy to port without the Read More
My Top 20 Grocery List Staples

My Top 20 Grocery List Staples

A massive part of building healthier habits is keeping a well-stocked pantry that can adapt to many recipes on a whim.  Creating nourishing recipes that are based on a number of the same ingredients, is Read More