Are You Eating Enough Protein?

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Do you think you are eating enough protein in your daily diet?  I often wonder how much is enough or too much for that matter…

I love my protein and big on my list are skinless chicken breasts, salmon, tuna, kangaroo, nuts, quinoa, goji berries and homemade bliss balls.  I find it keeps my satiety levels at an even keel and energy levels going.

Protein’s main function in the body is to build and repair, as well as sustain muscle.  We don’t maintain a store of protein for energy the same way that we do with carbohydrates and fats, so hence why it should be consumed daily.

Let’s debunk a few myths about protein……

1+ To increase muscle tone, it doesn’t matter what you eat, all you need to do is the workout


You can’t build muscle without protein. Protein provides amino acids, the foundation needed for muscle growth and recovery. When we exercise, the amount of protein we need each day increases.

2+ Protein can help me drop a jeans size

If that’s what you want to do. A recent US study found that controlling total food consumption is not just about cutting kilojoules. You’ve got to include enough protein in your diet, too.  Protein keeps you fuller for longer, assisting you to maintain a healthy weight, in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise

3+ Everyone needs the same amount protein 

If only the maths were that easy. Instead, the amount of protein you need depends on your weight, sex, age and health status. As a rough guide, women need 0.75 g for every kilo of their overall weight (so a 60 kg woman needs 45 g protein a day). And men need 0.84 g for every kilo they measure on the scales (so a 90 kg man needs 75.6 g protein a day).

4+ Protein powders are only for people who want to bulk up and get ‘ripped’


Protein powders have a range of benefits, such as helping to maintain muscle strength while doing resistance training or helping to support recovery after training.

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