6 Small Tweaks To Guide You Out of Your Weight Loss Stranglehold

weightloss stranglehold

Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that to make an improvement around your health or fitness, something needs to change. A mind shift or small change to your daily routine can add up to big gains 3-6 months down the track. Without pussyfooting around these simple tweaks could help you unlock your stubborn weight loss or fitness goals.

6 Small Tweaks To Guide You Out of Your Weight Loss Stranglehold

1. You can’t press the pause button

Yep, just doing it enough to lose weight or regain some health isn’t enough. You need to do it each day. Once you reach a certain point your body doesn’t just maintain fitness by slacking off, it takes a routine to continue with the state or your fitness. You actually lose your strength and endurance far faster than it took to build up and this can be as soon as 2 days. Like the old saying, move it or lose it!

2.  Exercise doesn’t give you rights to eat whatever!

If I had a dollar every time someone made the statement “Gee you must be able to eat whatever you want”. Not the case.  Yes, the demanding exercise burns a lot of calories but it doesn’t mean you can go and sit down to a massive plate of ice-cream and caramel sauce. Training is like tying up your shoelaces and NOT eating healthy is like untying them  It’s best to just keep them tied up or your wasting your time putting them on in the first place.

3.  It’s not meant to be easy

Exercise is meant to be challenging.  That’s how we get fitter and continually improve. You puff, muscles strengthen and your body becomes tired, this is all normal but it’s about embracing this feeling and knowing how good it is doing you. The comfort zone is not where we want to be all the time.

4.  Don’t overestimate the energy burned

If your goal is to lose weight then by simply adding exercise to your routine is going to set you off on the right path..without adding more calories to your diet. Sure your appetite may increase but this is where you have to be headstrong and stick with your guns. Don’t get caught up in machines that tell you how much you have burned.  These estimates are usually out of wack.

5. One small workout doesn’t give you rights to sit still the rest of the day

It’s about keeping your body throughout the whole day if you want to see lasting results. You are better off continuously doing something all day than a quick 20-minute workout and then sitting for the rest of the day. All movement is good so take the stairs, walk the dog, vacuum the floor and wash the car – this will help add to the workout you did that day plus burn bonus extras!

6.  Exercise alone won’t make the changes you are after

Exercise will not change your body much at all unless you are also reducing energy intake, or changing the type of foods you are eating. To truly change your physique, you have to do both: watch your diet, consumer fewer calories than you burn, and exercise with a combination of cardio and strength training. Same goes for dieting. Cutting calories will result in some weight loss, but your body will not necessarily look more cut or toned if exercise isn’t also part of your plan.

 Do any of these resonate with you? What do you feel you do wrong?


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