5 Ways to Turn a Sprinkler Into Fun!

sprinkler fun

There are fun ways to extend play time under the water spray and it’s a great way to include a water game at a birthday party if you don’t have a pool.  Have the kids wear goggles to save their delicate eyes (and so they’re not bumping into each other with their eyes closed!). Check the current water regulations in your area and if you’ve got the go-ahead, start the sprinkler!

5 Ways to Turn a Sprinkler into Fun!

1. Fill up the cup race

This is great for 2 or 20 kids.  The aim of the game is to give each child a cup and see who can fill up their cup first with the water droplets. Keep the cup small to keep the enthusiasm large!


2. Swing ‘n slide

Set up the slide near the sprinkler or set up the sprinkler under the swing set to add a water dimension.  Kids love feeling the water as they swing closer to the fountain and you can also add a little soapy water to the end of the slide for a faster ride!

3. Melting statues

Another fun party idea is to play a watery version of statues.  Have the kids run around the sprinkler (or blowing bubbles) but as soon as the sprinkler is turned ON it’s time to ‘freeze’ which is harder than it may seem with water spraying… who will melt the fastest?


4. A bike/scooter wash

Anything involving sponges and bubbles is fun so make it useful and set up a bike wash with buckets of soapy water and have the kids get to work! Play some music in the background for a bubbly good time.

5. Use it as shower/bath time

After the kids have played, now is the perfect time to bring out the soap and have an outdoor scrub!  The longer daylight hours in summer allow this to be an opportunity to scrap the indoor bath and have the PJ’s ready to hop into as soon as they enter the house!

If there are water restrictions in your area please be mindful, and it’s usually not a good idea to have the kids playing under irrigated water.  Another water-saving idea is to rotate the sprinkler to a new spot every so often so your lawn is getting something out of the fun as well.

What memories do you have of playing in the sprinkler when you were younger?


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