5 Sneaky Ways to Avoid Alcohol Scrutiny (and stay true to your goals)

avoiding christmas party drinking

Tis the season to let loose and enjoy the company of your family and friends. Parties, get-togethers, catchups, celebrations, whatever you like to call them they all have one common theme at the scene …alcohol.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a glass among friends but as we all know there are the dear folk that take their odd glass and turn it into an odd number (and a rather high one at that). What was a seemingly good time turns into regret the next day?

If you have a health goal in place, it can make it easier to not fall victim to pressure from others. To avoid the attention that comes with NOT drinking and what some pesky people may consider anti-social try a few of these tips

5 Sneaky Ways to Avoid Alcohol Scrutiny

1. Sip on drinks that look like their alcoholic

Soda water can be tricked up to look like a spirit.  Add some lime, a dash of cordial and ice cubes and wholla! Even half shots are better than full and I’m sure the bartender will be happy to oblige

2.  Alternate

If you want to have a few, alternate with water.  It will quench your thirst plus you’ll be able to drive home. Just be wary of not chugalugging the water so you can hurry back to the bar ..kinda defeats the purpose

3.  Make the switch

If beer is your thing, keep it light and you’ll save up to 6% in alcohol over some European beers. There are also wines and ciders now that offering low-calorie versions but unfortunately, they are usually just pepped up with artificial sweeteners.

4.  Talk the talk

If you’re constantly being topped up by your fab host, politely say you’ve just been too busy talking to finish your glass.  Keep it on the full side of things so it’s impossible to refill

5.  Designate yourself

Give yourself a purpose for not drinking and designate yourself as a driver. This will not only save you the taxi fare home but also a time in the morning to pick your car up. Anyone who doesn’t respect this decision can deal with the problem themselves. Stay strong and stick to your guns

In the end, it’s your call. But don’t let others guilt, pressure or simple kind generosity get the better of you.  Stay true to yourself, that’s who you have to face in the morning!

So have you any tips to add to this list? Share below

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