13 Ways to Jazz Up a Salad (and make it even more satisfying)

Woo hoo, the warmer months are here and that means one thing, salads are on the menu!

I love nothing more than tucking into a salad during the balmy evenings with all the beautiful colours that come with summer fruits and vegetables. Salads sometimes give the notion that it is a ‘dieters meal’ or ‘unsatisfying’ but if you know a few tricks of the trade you’ll be more than surprised with the results of adding in a few little sneaky ingredients.

To bulk up salads and make sure they are a balanced meal is to ensure it’s not all fluffy greens and to add good fats, protein and carbohydrates.

Here are my fave 9 ways to jazz up a salad and make it more satisfying

13 satisfying ways to jazz up your salad

  • Roasted vegetables Oh my, if you want to win me over-serve me roasted veggies ..pumpkin, sweet potato, beetroot, carrots, zucchini, eggplant, corn, artichokes the list goes on. Make one big batch and store them in the fridge for use during the week.


  • Quinoa Sprinkled lightly you’ll hardly even know it there but the good news is it adds bulk, protein and carbohydrates for energy.
  • Rice If you’re after a post-workout meal, throw in some brown rice to your salad and restore your depleted energy. Rice works brilliantly with vegetables. Rice noodles work in the same way.
  • Prepared fish Tinned tuna in spring water and smoked salmon can luxe up any salad with the bonus of adding in protein for satiety.

smoked salmon salad

  • Nuts Pinenuts are the ducks nuts in salads but so are walnuts, pecans, roasted cashews.
  • Boiled eggs slice one up to serve on top of your usual salad and you’ll be surprised by the results
  • Legumes Chickpeas, kidney beans, butter beans so many beans to choose from!
  • Avocado Sliced finely this will add in some good fats and help you resist the cookie jar later in the day
  • Cheese Grated lightly and sprinkled over your greens will entice the fussiest of eaters! Get adventurous with fetta, halloumi or parmesan.
  • Chia seeds These may not seem like they are filling but once they enter your stomach they will expand and help to keep things moving

pomegranate salad

  • Fruit Watermelon, apple, pears, pomegranate .. where do I start?
  • Herbs Excite your tastebuds with mint, coriander, parsley, chives ..Ill leave the rest to you!
  • Sprouts Alfalfa sprouts, mung beans, broccoli sprouts, they are a sure way to break up the lettuce but maintain fibrous bulk

So there really is no excuse for not enjoying a salad at least once a day, now is there?

What do you add to a salad to help beef it up?


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