5 Reasons Why You Need to Get To The Ocean…Now!

salt waterWhen have you ever left the beach not feeling invigorated? You might simply put it down to getting out into the open air but there is scientific research to prove that visiting the beach regularly does wonders.

The salt air is an amazing balancer and cleaner of negative energy.  For me, it provides a grounding or a reset and where I can regain perspective. It’s natures and it’s forces at work and like us, the ocean’s mood changes and teaches us to be humble and not resist the ebb and flow of life.

Still not convinced?

Here are 5 reasons why the ocean is great for our health and state of mind


If you have any wounds, sinus problems or viral infections take a detour on the way to the doctors and fill your lungs with salt air. Immerse yourself and the saltwater will act as a natural cleanser and by purposely sniffing some into your sinuses it will be the best natural saline solution yet.

Even if you don’t get wet, just by sitting by the sea and taking nice deep breaths it will offer a great short-term way to relieve symptoms and make breathing easier. Salt therapy rooms and salt lamps are examples of how therapy’s being used to improve our health.


Our bodies made up of around 60% water so when we float in the ocean there is a feeling of ‘being’. The elevated concentrations of salt in the water have been said to ease inflammation in the body by simply immersing yourself deactivates the signal in our cells to produce inflammation.

The serenity of having your ears under the water and listening to the whooshing and movement of the ocean takes us back to times in our mother’s tummy’s – instant relaxation!


By linking yourself to nature, our bodies instantly de-stress.  The ocean is a power bigger than us that releases our minds of worries and just lets us be. I know the peace a water view brings (we live on a wide canal) and the ‘letting go’ feeling that comes as soon as I walk in the door.  Hence why that surcharge on your holiday apartment is so worthwhile for an ocean view!

Happy memories

Waves crashing, seagulls calling, the wind blowing past your ears, the smell of salt air and salt on your skin, building sandcastles and collecting shells, takes us back to happy childhood memories and this is why the ocean is called a ‘happy place

“The ocean is more ancient than the mountains

and freighted with dreams and memories of time”

the ocean

Positive ions

Ocean waves release negative ions by breaking  the surface tension of the water

Our air is filled with electrically charged particles. You may be more aware of the presence of these negative ions after a rainstorm with lightning. You can feel it in the air.

Today we have more positive ions, creating an imbalance. Positive in this instance being negative. Free radicals (positive ions) can be produced by heating and cooling systems, TVs, radios, computers, exhaust, smoke, smog, radiation, and harmful chemicals. They damage cells and may affect the chances of cancer and increase ageing. Slipping by the beach on your way home from work is the best way to balance yourself up and suck in some fresh air.

So I reckon that is more than enough reasons to visit the beach and not to wait until the weekend!

What are your happiest beach memories?


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