5 Reasons Why You Should Go on Holiday

reasons why go on holiday

I know, I know it’s obvious why holidays are good for us. Taking a break from every day gives us a chance to relax, unwind and leave our troubles behind. It gives us something to plan towards and look forward to. Holidays give us a reason to deal with the sometimes mundane everyday activities when we are counting down the days til feet uptime.

But, each time I travel I always find the same 5 things popping up that force me to sit up and take notice. It’s the going out of our comfort zone and preparing for the unknown that makes it so great and exciting. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pour a lot of money into a break either, a break is a break and it brings you back to the same result. Here’s some not so obvious reasons

5  Reasons Why You Should Go on Holiday

1.  It forces you to pull loose ends together. It may be just my personality but if I’m going overseas I feel I have to get my S*%t together and wind up loose ends.  You know the stuff – visit the dentist, finalise owed payments, do all the odd jobs around the house, make sure work is up to date, basically making sure everything is in shipshape order before I go. As I said that may just be me ..

2.  You realise what your demons are.  They say go without something for at least 3 days and you’ll realise what your demons are. For me, it was missing my family (good demons) but sometimes it can mean that 3 pm sugar hit that is easily accessed in your pantry or that morning cup of coffee. Going on holiday takes us out of the daily rituals we have at home and gives us a good chance to take a look at them from another perspective.

3.  You appreciate home when you return. I always look at my little pocket of the world differently when I return from holiday. I take more notice of the little things and make sure I don’t take them for granted.

4.  Holidays give us a chance to reassess our goals and habits. By taking you away from the everyday tasks that take a lot of our time and energy, breaks give us the chance to really tap into our deepest desires with action plans when we return. Whether the plan stays in place a few weeks into returning is a reflection of how you go about this and if it is aligned to your values so this is a process that needs to be properly put into place with weekly goals.

5.  Holidays have lasting motivational effects. It is always lovely to come home all refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges. Simple getaways can do this. Run with this energy and make it spill into everything you do. Start planning your next short break and keep experiencing life through adventures and experiences. This is what I love doing and what enriches my life.

So if you’re sitting on the fence about taking a break this winter, I hope I have given you the extra incentive to do so 😉

What do you love about going on holiday apart from the obvious?

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