5 Easy Steps to Cut the Kilo’s

Deciding to cut out carbohydrates and sugar are all good in theory but the reality is you won’t stick with the drastic changes for more than a few weeks.

The best option is to tweak some changes in your lifestyle and eating habits, to provide the best outcome in the long haul.

5 Easy Steps to Cut the Kilo’s

1+ Don’t drink liquids while you eat.

Too much liquid during meals slows digestion by diluting our digestive juices leaving you with a bloated feeling. Instead, drink a glass of water 30 minutes before you eat. By filling your stomach with water first, you’ll also feel fuller so you won’t need as much food.

2+ Trim the fat.
Fat has a lot of calories, a lot….. buy lean meats, eat poultry without the skin, remove the fat off cuts of meat before you actually cook it to reduce fat reabsorption, switch to lower-fat cheeses, cut out the butter, use a nonstick pan. Cut out the deep frying, that is very old school and we have more improved methods of cooking now.
3+ Downsize.
The smaller the plate, bowl, spoon, mug, cup the less you will eat. It’s a mind game thing ..
cut the kilos

4+ Invest in a crockpot

With wintertime upon us, they are the best investments. Bung in low-fat meats, and vegetables to make awesome stews, soups and casseroles that can cook while you are at work or sleeping at night.

5+ Get active

For at least 20 minutes a day…I know you have heard this before, but LET IT SINK IN…20 mins…that is nothing….pull out a mat and do some abs, butt lifts, a round of tricep dips with pushups and squats/lunges. Something is better than nothing and you might even find yourself willing to go longer.

A change begins with awareness, so try one of these, it might just make a difference…..

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