Night Time Food Cravings and 6 Ways to Overcome

night time food cravings

Hands up if this sounds like you…

You’ve been eating well all day long, you’ve nailed your organisation around prepping meals and temptations have come and gone. You’re really proud of your efforts.  then suddenly BAM, a craving hits, you’re tired and just want something sweet.  The little something turns into a big something and before you know it there goes a whole day of eating well down the gurgler.
Nighttime is usually the first time we get to sit down and relax all day, the kids have gone to bed and it’s time to just chill and catch up on thoughts. These thoughts can be dangerous especially once a thought for something indulgent checks can be hard to check it out!
Controlling night-time food cravings before it hits is the secret and knowing what to do once it hits is a huge part of successfully controlling your weight.

Here are a few tactics to help beat the night time food cravings


1.  Ask yourself if it’s true hunger or just a craving for something sweet.  You have eaten dinner probably not more than an hour ago so it is probably not real hunger.  Try just popping a mint or having a cup of herbal tea.


2.  Keep temptations out of the house, if they are not there you can’t eat them.  Simple.


3.  Fill up on dinner on high fibre foods, it doesn’t necessarily have to be too carby just plenty of vegetables and salads


4.  Try to do something other than just plonking on the couch.   Walk the dog around the block, painting your fingernails or getting stuck into a new book!


5.  Make sure you check in with yourself during the day.  Our body loves homeostasis so if you’ve been crazy all day, or denying yourself of  basic human needs, cravings pop up to help drive happy and feel-good chemicals. 


6.  If you truly feel hungry be creative and avoid high calorie and opt for a healthier version like this cacao chia seed pudding 

7.  Brush your teeth, often this is enough for you to not want to eat any more that night.
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