Crispy Beetroot Leaf Chips

We have been doing a bit of juicing around our parts lately.  For all the trouble, it’s well worth the mess just to see my girls downing their favourite juice of carrot and apple.

For me, well I have been a bit of a beetroot nut of late, can’t seem to get enough.  I have always loved my beets but I must say it is my drink of choice at the moment.  As I have been buying beetroot by the bunch, I had just been chopping off the leafy tops and carrying them straight out the compost bin in the veggie patch.


Until I came up with the idea of putting the leaves to use by baking them in the oven to make beetroot leaf chips.  I tried kale, I grew it, tried to eat it but it just didn’t do anything for me, so I thought beetroot is a little sweeter why not do the same thing?
Apparently, the nutritious beet leaves are also good in salads, used as a base for green drinks and other great non-wasteful ways to incorporate beets into our meals.
At first I didn’t put any on the girls plates at dinner, and left it at a garden salad, but by the time we were eating, our beet chips had moved over to their plates and my 5 years old declared they were her favourite ‘chips’ ever…amazing how the word ‘chip’ can transform the most unlikely candidates!

Anyways, this is how made them

Beetroot Leaf Chips


+ Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

+ Wash and dry your leaves on clean tea towels

+ In a bowl toss with olive oil to coat

+ Lay out on a tray with baking paper or foil and sprinkle with parmesan cheese

+ Bake until crispy but not burnt about 15 minutes

Sorry worms but the beet leaves are no longer coming your way!*Individuals with a history of oxalate-containing kidney stones should limit their consumption of beets.Have you ever used beetroot leaves in your meals?  Come on…tell me I am not the only crazy one!

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