5 Healthy Saladspirational Mason Jars

So, routine rules and the beginning of February rings tunes of back to school, work and all the other activities we fit into our days.

Instead of going back to the same old same old, why not trick things up and try one of these cool mason jar salads to make the return to work just that little bit more exciting.

Perfect for making the night before, this style of eating saves you money, time and leaves nothing to the imagination of what’s in it, because you’ve lovingly packed it up yourself – you clever thing!

The reason for having a salad in a mason jar and not just a container is all in the placement. Generally speaking, there is a formula in the science of mason jar salads and this is how it’s done…

How to design a mason jar salad

  1. Fill the bottom of the jar with your dressing (place it in the top with some parchment paper like this version). This is so important and makes sure that your greens don’t go soggy.
  2. Next in line is the chunky bits – proteins or grains. Basically the more permeable the food the lower it sits in the jar. It also acts as a barrier to any dressing leaks.
  3. Then it’s the smaller items – nuts, cheese, small bit of fruit, grated carrots, corn, you get the idea
  4. Finally it’s the greens which take up about 1/2 the jar. These are furthest away from the dressing so it is more than likely to stay dry.
  5. Store with the lid tightly sealed for up to 2 days in the fridge.
  6. You can tip it all onto a plate or bowl or simply tip within the jar to spread the dressing and eat straight from the jar for a portable yet healthy lunch.


1.  Roasted sweet potato and quinoa mason jar salad – Popsugar

557b7b5700e40197 sweet tato salad xxxlarge 2x 399x599 - 5 Healthy Saladspirational Mason Jars2.  Lunchtime layered taco salad – Petit Elefant
untitled21 428x599 - 5 Healthy Saladspirational Mason Jars

3.  Zucchini pasta salad with avocado spinach dressing – Sugar Free Mom

untitled2 400x599 - 5 Healthy Saladspirational Mason Jars4.  Caesar cobb salad – Healthy happy life

cobb caesar salad jar 25 - 5 Healthy Saladspirational Mason Jars5. Vegetarian quinoa salad – The Blonde Buckeye

Salad in a Jar 2   The Blonde Buckeye 599x558 - 5 Healthy Saladspirational Mason JarsWhat do you think they look great huh?

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