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Interested in Becoming a Health Coach?

Becoming a Health Coach can give you an amazing platform to launch a wellness business or further your thirst for personal growth.

It allows you to confidently assist clients in reaching and permanently maintaining a healthier lifestyle through activity, healthy eating habits and mental fortitude. Health Coaching stems from holistic approach to wellbeing and something I have always stood strong on…Our health begins with us.

Personally, becoming a Health Coach helped bring together over 20 years of experience and knowledge as a professional sportsperson into a business that helps motivate and fulfill others health outcomes. Becoming a qualified Health Coach allowed  me to build from my Cert.IV personal training certification and what I was already sharing here on Ironmum Karla. It really was the perfect solution to a question that was already half answered.

It can be tricky choosing the right course provider. 

I looked into each option and decided that Cadence Institute of Nutrition & Health Coaching was the right choice for me.  I loved that not only is the online curriculum evidence-based its relevant to Australian practices. The other major drawcards of the course was the price and accreditation recognition. With some offshore programs tallying over $12,000, Cadence offers their Health Coaching course for approx. $2,700 total.  Plus it’s all pay-by-the-unit not upfront or monthly installments.  This gave me comfort in knowing that if by chance I didn’t pursue Health Coaching as a business then it wasn’t an expensive personal investment.

I also wanted to know that if I was going to invest my time and money into something I was going to be easily covered for insurances and accreditation.  The Cadence course is internationally recognised and offers insurance and various levels of professional registration options across 27 countries.

The 18 month course is of course flexible with what life throws at us and involves completing four main subjects and three electives.  This gives you the freedom to customise your studies in a way that is relevant to your flavour and potential offerings.


As a previous student of Cadence Health I’m able to pass on exclusive savings for initial start up *.

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Two-unit starter – Psychology & Behaviour Change plus The Certificate of Nutrition ($720 instead of $800)

(The two-unit starter is the most popular option. You can begin with either the Psychology unit or the Nutrition unit if you wish, although its highly recommend to do Psychology first. No discount is applicable for a single-unit starter).

Email below if you’d like to hear more about this offer or have any further questions about the course . 


* This ultimately means two things: I receive a commission when someone enrols in the course having learned about it through me. I’m also able to offer discounts as a result of the number of people who enrol via me. As mentioned above there are 7 units in total and this initial enrolment only pays for the first two ($80 saving).

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Above all Leanne and the staff at Cadence Institute of Nutrition & Health Coaching are always there to help and there’s a real family vibe that comes through the private facebook study group.