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Without a doubt, home delivery meals just didn’t sit well with me. Too proud to accept ‘help’… Perhaps. Even the thought of allowing someone else dictate my families’ meals seemed ridiculous. I mean, as a Health Coach, I do this for a living! Simply put, I felt having meals delivered was an unwarranted luxury in our house.

Let me give you the low down if this is a new concept to you. Meal delivery services can vary in what they entail. Some consist of meals already made while others supply fresh ingredients with recipe cards for you to make from scratch. The later is the method we were gifted by HelloFresh to test drive.

With meal planning and grocery shopping out-of-the-way, home delivery meal kits leave you with the fun part of cooking! At a designated time, the driver left our carefully packed family meal box outside our front door. The box was neatly packed in itemised paper bags for each meal and 4 recipe cards with instructions. Oh, and if you were wondering – yes it does have frozen packs to help keep the food cool for a few hours until you arrive home.


Never fear if you’re a vegetarian or an omnivore, cooking for two or feeding a whole hungry horde, HelloFresh is very adaptable to your needs. From classic, vegetarian or family friendly recipes, you can select how many meals you need and for how many people.   Apparently, box ingredients differ each week and are season dependent, so boredom is never a problem as it sometimes when you’re rotating the same meals week in week out at home. Our meals sent for the week included

home delivery hellofresh

Sweet Mustard Chicken and Baked Rice

Crumbed Chicken and Sweet Potato Mash

Sweet and Soy Pork Noodles

Cheesy Baked Mexican Pie

So with four meals this was perfect, as we were arriving home from holiday on a Tuesday evening to an empty fridge and no dinner! The order you choose to eat the meals is up to you, which is nice and allows you to rely more on the family’s mood at the time. To be honest the meals were probably fiddlier than what our meals would usually entail, BUT this was a nice change and something perhaps I have realised I can now begin to incorporate back into our meals now the girls are getting older.

What I did enjoy about the meals was the attention to the finer details – like adding in spice blends, fresh herbs, free range meats and quality produce. The meal kits are a great way of introductory cooking to those with limited experience and I could see this as a great platform to build someone’s recipe repertoire. To those with cooking experience but would just like to take a backseat and let someone else drive the weeks planning – then this is an awesome idea also. The boxes are more than generous with ingredients and found we had enough left over for a lunch the next day – and my husband is a big eater!


Although meal planning and grocery shopping are ideals that help set up the understanding to healthier habits – if time is not your friend, then Hello Fresh is the ideal answer.

My week with Hello Fresh allowed my husband and I to tap into new skills and experiment with tasty new meal ideas. It really did help to take the stress out of deciding what was for dinner (during the school holidays) and enjoy the process. We are sold on the idea and would consider more boxes in the future.

If you would like to try a box for yourself – I have an exclusive Ironmum Karla offer and link you can act on now (only until the end of October)

Try HelloFresh today and get $35 off your first order image 8436700 12806654 - This is What Happened After a Week of Home Delivered Meals - HelloFresh

For example, this brings the family box  – 4 nutritious and fresh meals for 4 people to around $100… far cheaper than ordering out, way healthier and near to what you would pay in the supermarket. 

(click image below and code will be added at checkout). 

image 8436700 12790181 - This is What Happened After a Week of Home Delivered Meals - HelloFresh

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